Supermarket Sweep

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Supermarket Sweep
Part of Clear Skies
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Sora Ozaki
Casualties and losses
No people, 1 million Nuyen in drones


Maxwell, a corporate Johnson, requested that a team assault a vulnerable MCT warehouse and steal as much as they can in order to cover for the disappearance of a few specific aircraft-related components.

The Meet

Maxwell arranges for the team to meet at a rented office near Sea-Tac. He states that a weapons shipment has been mis-delivered to an MCT overstock warehouse in Tacoma, which is additionally undergoing a security system upgrade for the next two days, leaving it more vulnerable than most MCT sites. He requests that the team retrieve the three following components from that warehouse:

  • Advanced Fighter Drone Avionics Card
  • Guided MANPAD Missiles
  • MCT Platinum Fire Control Circuit Cards

In order to cover for the disappearance of those components, Maxwell requests that the team loot as many parts as possible and generally damage the warehouse in such a way that the inventory will take several days. As payment, he will provide a PR cover story and matrix support to remove any trace of the team's raid.

The Plan

Santesso pulls up a blueprint for the pre-fab MCT warehouse and the team decides that a rapid smash and grab approach using Ojou's helicopter would be the best approach. Roadie locates a nearby area in the industrial district to stage their vehicles, and the team settles on using the warehouse's forklift drones to load as much inventory as possible.

Flyspies are used to recon the site and the team discovers that the facility is covered with approximately one dozen HMG turrets and four SAM turrets. They locate Maxwell's parts and several other items of interest. After piloting the helicopter stealthily to within 1 km of the MCT overstock warehouse, the team briefly panics and debates whether or not the turrets are operable. Pell decides that they can test the defenses using a Trid Phantasm replicating the helicopter charging the building. Ojou calls on some contacts in order to confirm that MCT will prevent danger-close missile shots or explosives from damaging targets outside of their territorial control unless directly under long range attack.

The illusory helicopter is immediately blasted by all turrets, prompting an on-call rigger to jump in and take control of the defenses. A second pass by the illusory helicopter wastes more SAM munitions, but in the process the MCT rigger manages to spot the team's real helicopter.

The Run

Realizing that they've been found out, Ojou commits and charges the facility at extremely low altitude while the rest of the team shoots out the turrets that can target them. She lands on the roof and calls Sora Ozaki to request that she delay any aircraft scrambling to respond to the MCT site.

Once on the building, Voiceless drops down into the warehouse through a skylight and hides on top of the palate racks where she can observe a very large number of Steel Lynx drones with HMGs stacking up to use the forklift drones as cover. Several large jumped-in humanoid drones armed with grenade launchers and HMGs are deployed as well. Voiceless jumps from rack to rack in order to reach the rocket launchers, then grabs a Yakusoku MRL and starts firing inside, collapsing several rows of racks and narrowly avoiding damage to the sniper rifles that everyone wanted.

Meanwhile, Pell (armed with Voiceless' sniper rifle) and Roadie finish disabling the remaining rooftop turrets while Santesso accesses the facility's host through a disassembled external camera. Pell destroys one of the repurposed NeoNet Juggernauts that is attempting to block their egress route while Roadie and Ojou shoot down through the skylights.

Voiceless locates and pulls the aircraft components from one of the racks before she's confronted by a pair of Juggernauts covering behind a forklift. She avoids a suicide ramming attack by a forklift before destroying the combat drones with a rocket. Santesso shuts down a Steel Lynx just as everyone finishes eliminating the remaining defense systems.


Keeping their limited time and high profile in mind, the team loads Maxwell's parts onto Ojou's helicopter for delivery while everyone else grabs a few parts and load them into their vehicles with the help of their drones. The team scatters and lays low while the aircraft parts are delivered to Maxwell outside an abandoned warehouse in Puyallup.

Maxwell is greatly amused by the team's approach and apologizes for underestimating them. MCT's lack of massive response is the only indication that he has kept his side of the deal.


The team was gifted with a publicized cover story and having all trace of their assault wiped from the matrix. Each member looted 70,000 Nuyen worth of MCT appropriate guns/drones/electronics/cyberware.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Everyone was efficient and effective. Almost too much so. I finally get control over one out of literally a small nation’s worth of drones...and my team has taken out everything else. Next time I’m just going to breach a door with a well-placed shotgun blast and fire a neurostun grenade at the spider. Still...I guess I can’t fault my team for being good. And the haul was well worth it.


Ok lets review this... we faced a small fortress worth of anti air/personel turrets, a small army of killer drones, mobile weapon platforms AND suicidal forklifts JUST FOR GOOD, FUCKING, MEASURE... and Ojou´s piloting managed to be the scariest part of the run hands down, that is really saying something.


Well, assaulting this warehouse went a lot more smoothly than the last one. The team was a lot more better equipped for loud runs, which I think was the reason. Good thing I managed to filch some upgrades compared to the dinky TMP I had just in case I get into more stuff like this. I guess that drones are a lot easier to hurt with a longarm than trolls with machine pistols, too.


Goddess of speed, and whatnot. A shame to hit a fine business like MCT, but they were slacking with those SAMs, really. That .sim is gonna be out there eventually... Message me and if I like you, I'll pass it over. :^)