Taste of Krime

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Taste of Krime
Factions Involved
Octagon Triad
Units involved
2 Runners 8 Triad martial artists, 5 restaurant staff
Casualties and losses
None 8 Triad, 5 Staff


Two runners use an unacceptable amount of force on a group of triad criminals running a front restaurant in retaliation for bad noodles.


The Johnson stated that his friend had developed a fever, begun foaming at the mouth, and almost died shortly after consuming an order of the 183 special ordered from General Tso's Kung Pao Chicken, a small Chinese restaurant a few doors down from the meet. Due to the odd nature of the incident, the runners were asked to investigate the establishment and determine the cause of the event.

The Meet

Both Fenris and Rasputin arrived on time to a small Japanese sushi restaurant, where the Johnson, a caucasian man with blone hair, was enjoying a bowl of ramen noodles. He greeted the runners and asked them to investigate the Chinese restaurant for any information or evidence as to why or how the food was tampered with.

The Plan

The runners decided to just go over to the restaurant and order the noodles and see what happens.

The Run

Order 183, notably not included on the restaurant's menu, was asked for, and observation of the kitchen during its preparation revealed that the dish was made with a special variety of noodles not used in any other dishes. Upon sampling the dish, Rasputin began bleeding from both the nose and mouth due to a drug(Push) overdose and subsequently went back into the restaurant looking especially displeased, before asking the staff member he had ordered the food from, what the meaning of this was. The staff member responded saying, "you not supposed to eat the noodle," before drawing a knife and attempting to begin combat. The rest of the patrons in the restaurant then charged the pair of shadowrunners and were dealt with, mostly nonlethally, in a back-and-forth melee battle in which Fenris went down briefly before being revived via stim patch. Further investigation in the staff-only rooms of the restaurant revealed that the noodles were filled with uncut drugs and were likely either being used as a method to transport drugs or assassinate lovers of Chinese cusine.


The Johnson was apprised of the restaurant's operation and was offered a bag of drug samples and noodle samples as evidence, which he promptly walked off with.


6,000 Nuyen

2 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Rasputin- Was pretty fun experience, punching entire restaurant filled with criminals. Just like old times back in Russia. I should've grabbed more drugs though. At first I was really mad because I ate a really bad noodle dish, but punching some Chinese gangsters really improved my day. 3/5, don't order poisoned noodles.