Thanks for the involuntary test

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Thanks for the involuntary test
Part of No Legion But Still Deadly
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shiawase
五代ロータス (Godai rōtasu) Chimera crocodile
2 x guards


In this run, Godai encounters a part of his past. At least on one screen. He is to be abused to "test" a new Experminet. Godai decides against it and escapes the trap.


Godai has been following in the footsteps of his tormentors who experimented on him and indoctrinated him for years. Through years of research, he was able to track down one of his tormentors in Japan, but before he could turn him in, he left for Seattle. Since Godai could not follow him on a regular flight, Dr. Takara Katai, an elf (whose name Godai can no longer remember) and fanatical bioscientist, had a head start in setting up his new base of operations in Seattle at Shiawase Biotech. Godai passes the information he has gathered to his contacts at "The Margins" and hopes they can help him find the doctor.

The Meet

Godai meets with Nadya at The Margins after receiving a call from her. Both drink a good portion of vodka. Then Nadya reports what she and her colleagues have found out. The wanted man works in a bioware and cyberware clinic of Shiawase Biotechn in Seattle Renton. He hardly ever leaves the facility, which suggests that he also spends the night there. There are guards, drone surveillance and a security contract with KE. Nadya also offers to take Paydata from Godai if he finds anything and recommends that he take care of himself after this hunt. Then, after another glass of vodka, Godai sets off for Renton.

The Plan

Godai does not plan much. Essentially, he wants to check out the clinic on site and relies on his breaking and sneaking skills.

The Run

Godai makes his way through Glow City towards Renton and narrowly escapes some Rusted Stilettos. When he arrives at the clinic it is already one o'clock. He sneaks onto the grounds and looks around. For a better overview he uses his grappling gun and swings himself on the roof. He can see some guards and drones walking around. As he takes an hour, he can see that the patrols take place every hour on the hour for about 15 minutes. He fits a good time window and picks the lock on the main building of the facility. He gets in there and also opens the lock to the registration/secretary's office where he gets a master key and finds a plan of the facility for the first floor as well as the first basement level. The plan indicates a second, lower basement level, but it is not marked. He sneaks deeper into the building and examines some rooms (in the meantime he was detected by sensors - but on instruction of Dr. Katai no alarm is set off). Godai finds the room of an employee who doesn't remind him of anyone, but he continues and finds the room where Dr. Katai is sleeping. A picture on the desk triggers memories as he recognizes two more people and Dr. Katai on it. Some doors are open and Godai follows them. In the meantime, Dr. Katai is on his way out. Godai creeps to the second basement level where he encounters a laboratory. He can pocket some memory chips there, just like in Dr. Katai's workroom. Then the door closes behind him in the lab and a screen comes to life. Godai also notices a faint smell of reptiles. On the screen, Dr. Katai feels confirmed because he thought he had seen Godai (whom he calls E752) in Japan. He decides to take the opportunity to test how good his latest experiment is. So he opens the cage to his latest creation of a cybered crocodile chimera. Godai exchanges blows with the crocodile but quickly realizes that this is quite dangerous, so he runs away from him and blasts open the door that was locked with an explosion arrow. He runs outside and is confronted by two guards. He can quickly incapacitate one of the two guards. The other exchanges blows with him. Eventually he escapes but is greeted by approaching HTR helicopters outside. Remembering his training, he seeks shelter in the sewers. There he stumbles across a local orc from the Orc Underground who takes him to Touristville for a small fee.


Godai was able to collect some data in the facility which will eventually lead him to the residence of Dr. Takara Katai. However, the doctor and Shiawase are now forewarned and they will prepare for him.


  • 10.000 Nuyen (5 RVP) Paydata
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional (for RVP above)

  • Catlike (7 RVP)

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