The Beast is Loose

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Rampaging para-critter sighted in Redmond Outskirts on a path towards Downtown

The beef is loose.jpg

Date: 6/2/2082 By: Carly Reeves

This is Carly Reeves reporting breaking news. Large scale devastation in Redmond has led to drone coverage of the area.

Yes? Okay. I am now receiving breaking news. We have sighted one individual who appears to the one responsible for this untold destruction. Witness reports from this Week's plane crash declare the perpetrator to the same. One shadowrunner known by the alias: King Beef. Perhaps District Attorney, Mark Donaghy's light the shadow campaign is for a good cause, if one shadowrunner is able to cause this much devastation if left unchecked, who knows what they could accomplish if they were rallied to a common cause. For know, we'll see where the trail of destruction leads. Carly Reeves, signing off.