The Chrome Dolls

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The Chrome Dolls
LocationRedmond Barrens
Black Rose
The Chrome Dolls
Casualties and losses
Neko's anonymity The Chrome Dolls


Angel Glass hires a team of runners to find her sister Julia (a high school student), who has been kidnapped by The Chrome Dolls.

The Run

The team, through questioning the Johnson and some matrix savvy, learn that Julia recently had a breakup with a gang leader's sister. In response, The Chrome Dolls (a gang consisting of all women with cyberlimbs) kidnapped Julia and made posts of them torturing her to social media. The team quickly departed the Johnson's apartment (the door of which had been smashed down) and headed towards the gang's hangout.

At the gang's hangout Combat DJ LazorGrrl and Black Rose sneak up on the two gangers outside and dispatch them. The death-gurgles are heard by one of the gangers inside, who shouts an alarm, unfortunately. The two members of the team who snuck up, along with Doc Trauma, quickly dispatch almost the entire gang using a combination of monowhips, lasers, bolts imbued with alchemical preps, heights, and even another ganger's body. Meanwhile, Neko provides Matrix overwatch for the group. The only surviving member of the Chrome Dolls has a badly damaged cyberarm and is incredibly terrified of the team.

Upstairs, Doc Trauma heals Julia, who is completely terrified. He makes an attempt to calm her down, but it unfortunately backfires. In response, he gives her a dose of Guts and Combat DJ LazerGrrl manages to help the girl regain her composure. The team gets her away from the scene of the carnage before allowing her to take off the blind fold. Meanwhile, Neko takes a selfie with the corpse of the leader of The Chrome Dolls using the ganger's camera and posts it to the ganger's social media account.

Back at the Johnson's apartment, Angel is reunited with her sister and thanks the team immensely.


  • 7 Karma
  • ¥4,000
  • 1 Public Awareness for Neko

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Neko: Some people can just be so petty (-_-). The dolls got what they deserved.

Dr.Trauma:I live in this area myself and even I have to wonder what goes through everyone's head that makes them think this is ok.


Hahaha! This one was a blast! The client was a little party-shy, but she gave me exactly what I needed: where to go, and who to kill! That Rose chick sure knows how to party, though! We were throwing down hardcore! That kid though? Messed up drek. Some razorgirls just don't know how to keep it cool. Got me some wiz new metamaterials and party alloys, though! Catch me tearing it up in Redmond!