The Collectors: Beta Uncut Sheet

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The Collectors: Beta Uncut Sheet
Part of The Collectors
LocationRenton, Seattle
Factions Involved
Mission Control
The Wizards


A team of runners is hired to retrieve a beta uncut sheet of Magic: The Gathering cards from an abandoned office building in Renton, Seattle, which is now occupied by a local gang, The Wizards.


After Wizards of the Coast was bought up, their old HQ was abandoned, falling into disrepair. One of the things that was left behind was a beta uncut sheet, which for collects holds exceptional value. The Collectors have decided to hire a group of runners to retrieve the sheet, to avoid having to deal with the gangers themselves.

The Meet

TROGZOR was the first to show up, ten minutes early, where he was taken upstairs and offered sweets, which he enjoyed. Maek showed up exactly 9 minutes early, as dictated by the tarrot. Apostle missed his bus, and asked the group for a ride, so Pyre went and picked him up. They arrived five minutes early. The Johnson is wearing a rather unique mask, which makes his voice sound nostalgic to everyone listening to it, and proceeds to tell the assembled team that he will pay them 6,000¥ to recover a Beta Uncut Sheet from an abandoned building in Renton. He would do it himself, but some local small time gangers had taken up squatting in the building. Additionally, he will offer each member a curio if the job is completed within 72 hours. Apostle successfully managed to negotiate the price up to 8,000¥ per person, with the help of Maek, on a sliding scale based on the Beta Uncut Sheet's condition. TROGZOR asked if the Johnson cared about lethal or non-lethal, and when the Johnson indicated it did not matter, the team decided to go lethal. Additionally, Maek and Apostle asked for further details on the office building, which had four floors, and it was assumed the sheet would be on the top floor.

The Plan

Mission Control met up with the team after the meet, and proceeded to make Data Searches to get further information, with the help of the team. A better idea of the layout of the building was obtained, along with further information on OPFOR: a small time gang called The Wizards, who styled their armored jackets to look like wizard robes. After discovering that they were led by a pair of mages, the group moved closer for better recon. Maek proceeded to detect life and catalog the inside of the building, revealing that the gangers had five people per floor, and the team's goal was up above.

The Run

Mission Control quickly organized the group into an effective formation, using crossfire to take out the first group. Pyre and TROGZOR incinerated and impaled three, while Apostle and Mission Control shot another. One nearly escaped the initial bout, but Maek's gravity well prevented the ganger's escape, allowing TROGZOR to finish the straggler.

After exploring the first floor, the group decided to take the elevator to the fourth floor, skipping the middle to floors of the building. Taking up defensive positions behind TROGZOR's riot shield, the team was greeted by a powerball and a hail of bullets. The team's magical nature allowed them to counterspell the powerball, and TROGZOR withstood most of the hail, although he did take a couple of bullets to his arm. Pyre quickly moved forward to take out the front most ganger, before Maek unleashed another gravity well, which completely disabled the gangers. Apostle proceeded to execute the other gangers while the rest of the group searched the top floor. The team discovered the Uncut Beta Sheet, in relatively good condition with some graffiti on the frame, as well as a surprise dragon statue, which TROGZOR decided to take as a trophy.

Pyre took guard at the stairwell, and managed to hear the remaining gangers preparing to ambush them with shotguns. Deciding to avoid further bloodshed, the group opted to be levitated down to street level by Pyre, curtailing the extra conflict, and escaping without further trouble. Once safely away, Apostle used his magic to heal TROGZOR's wounds, allowing the group to escape unscathed aside from a bit of drain for Pyre and Maek.


The team successfully drove the Uncut Beta Sheet back to the Johnson using Mission Control's vehicle, while the others rode back on their motorcycles, receiving the full payout along with their special curio (1 pack of M50).


8,000¥, 4 karma, 1 pack of M50 (the last printed set, roughly 250¥ unopened), dragon statue (no value), +2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Got to know one of the team a bit early after picking him up for a ride. Was definitely worth it, as Apostle proceeded to net the entire group an extra 2,000¥ per person. Got a bit distracted trying to learn about the game we were recovering beta materials for, but Mission Control showed up to get the team in order. Maek provided the recon we needed with Mission Control's help, and the team worked together beautifully, executing Mission Control's recommended tactics. TROGZOR certainly shined, saving the team from an ambush as we reached the top floor. A smooth run without too much difficulty is always welcome, and these four certainly know how to handle themselves.


Damned public transit; its like the very concept is meant to be inconvenient. The meet turned out to be more challenging than the actual run, weirdly enough. Probably due to the two absolute units that responded to the ad. The Johnson was on the level luckily enough, and with some clever tactics and group cohesion everything went smoothly. It was interesting to see the application of skill by other mages but I still don't understand why we all agreed to take an elevator because Maek's cards said we should. Some sort of metaphysical lure; who knows? The cherry on top was exfiltrating via levitation as the remainder of the gang charged to the top floor. A weird set of circumstances for an unusual run. Živjeli.

Maek (맥):

Unclear on what the Arcana wanted these magic cards for. Anyways. The team wanted to murder a bunch of gangers, and the Arcana gave no objections., so I held them in place while the team executed them. Unsure how I feel about that, but serving the will of the Arcana leaves no room for holding strong opinions. Everything is nonsense anyways, trying to interpret the will of the Arcana is a fool's paradise. Anyways, I learned a lot on this mission. Mission Control really likes his Tactical approaches, and I should probably invest in some better ammunition for my SMG. I wouldn't have had to hurt myself so bad casting those gravity wells if I had better ammo loaded in my SMG.


I managed to arrive first to the meet, Johnson was mysterious and used some sort of voice change, informed us where the card sheet is and that he doesn't care if they get hurt. This pyro lit himself on fire and reduced puny gangers to cinders...He is good one... I impaled few more and wizard managed to pin one to the ground, I pined him to my bone. Crammed in the elevator we got to top, used my shield as cover, bastards managed to penatrate it...Weak design... Wizard pinned them to the ground and we executed them. Found the paper and I claimed a dragon for myself.