The Collectors: Let's Take A Time Walk

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The Collectors: Let's Take A Time Walk
Part of The Collectors
Factions Involved
Trash Panda


A team is hired to steal an extremely rare and valuable Magic: the Gathering card.

The Meet

The team meets with the Johnson at a comic book shop, and is offered the job, with a little back and forth the team negotiates their pay up a little, and is promised an undisclosed bonus if they "amuse" the Johnson. The team however is given strict instructions not to kill anyone.

The Plan

The team was able to identify several key factors they would need to address.

On-Site Security

Physical security was spotted via a simple drive-by and perception checks. The plan would come together that the more guards who were watching something more entertaining than their actual job, the fewer eyes are looking for someone not supposed to be there.

Apostle would step up in this, approaching as an increasingly agitated tourist who doesn't seem to understand they are in the wrong city to even see the attraction they are asking for directions for. They would get more and more shouty to draw the attention of the guards, but not so hostile as to end up in any real trouble. Just shouty and confused enough to get the guards to want to watch the show (and see their buddy struggling to deal with this problem) as Apostle continues to speak less and less English as they become more and more frustrated.


The cameras and security spider would be another identified threat. It wouldn't matter how distracted the guards are if the guy watching the cameras spots something amiss. Twitch would be able to deal with this issue once Trash Panda attaches a data tap to one of the cameras. Twitch would then be able to hack the camera to get marks on the host so they could Subvert Infrastructure and neutralize the threat.

The Owner

Of course, the owner would themselves be a problem if they happen to walk into the wrong room at the wrong time. To deal with this issue, Trash Panda called Daniel Lufe, her forger contact, to get them to make a fake dating profile and enough supporting evidence to allow the team to catfish the owner away believing they have a date. Daniel however requested an expensive bottle of chardonnay as payment, adding one more thing to the list of things the team had to acquire.


Trash Panda's astral scouting revealed no spirit presence, but she did find a Hellhound. Although the Hellhound did not seem to be security trained, it appeared to be a domesticated pet. While less of an issue than a security hound would be, a pet dog barking up a storm is still a danger as it can attract attention. To address this, the team...


The team bought a T-shirt cannon and loaded it with tennis balls to distract the dog, then mounted it on Twitch's drone. Pyre would cast Improved Invisibility on the drone, and the drone would focus on keeping the dog busy while Trash Panda breaks in.

The Run

The run went almost without a hitch due to the extensive planning of the team. The owner left the home on his "date" without issue. The guards were mostly distracted by Apostle, giving Trash Panda her opening to sneak in and tap a camera without being spotted. Twitch then hacked the system, although the security spider caught wind that something was up. Twitch warned Trash Panda of this, and after casting spacial sense and detect life, she found the spider's location in the house and sent an air spirit to knock him out and neutralize the threat. The dog was blocking Trash Panda's access to the card, but it was easily moved when it had balls to run after and play with. Trash Panda inspected the frame that held the card for secondary alarms, but found none. So she just took it before turning to the pantry to locate the chardonnay. There was a moment where Trash Panda nearly grabbed the worst bottle possible, but Twitch was able to save her from the error by doing some matrix searches to find a better type of wine. The clock was ticking though, the longer Trash Panda waited for this research, the more the guards lost interest in Apostle's show.

Eventually, an appropriate bottle was identified and nicked. Trash Panda made her way out and the team vanished into the night to deliver their goods. In an effort to amuse the Johnson, Twitch took the feeds from the team and edited together a video of the team's plan to distract the dog, showing the assembly of the t-shirt cannon onto the drone and its use firing balls to distract the dog. The team earned their bonus.


  • User:Teksura cried himself to sleep because he is never going to escape this T-shirt cannon thing.


  • ¥12,000
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 1 "Fatpack" of Magic: the Gathering 2050 cards

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That dog was adorable. I see why he keeps him as a pet. I... I kind of want one. And I could play fetch using this nifty tshirt cannon loaded with tennis balls and mounted on my roto-drone. Y'know, it might've been fine if we just spent 5 bucks on dog treats... but then I wouldn't have this adorable video drone shot video of him bounding happily after the ball! <CutePuppyFetch.vid> Isn't that the best?