The Demon Blade

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The Demon Blade
Result The team was able to successfully retrieve Muramasa's Demonic Nodachi back to the Johnson.
Factions Involved
Renraku, Red Ninja Muramasa
Commanders and leaders
Hideo Masamune
Units involved
1 Red ninja sharpshooter
1 Red ninja adept
1 Red ninja shotgunner
1 Red ninja mage
Casualties and losses
1 Red ninja mage, 1 Scientist


The Masamune blood line are the keepers of Muramasa's cursed, demon possessed blade. The F12 weapon focus acts a sort of key between earth and the realm of an unnamed Yama King. When Muramasa forged the blade, ages ago. His soul was corrupted and permanently bonded with the weapon. Hideo Masamune is one of the last descendants of his great line. Now settled in Seattle, he covertly wanted to smuggle the sword into UCAS so he can keep it safe with him. The shipment got ambushed by a team of Renraku Red ninjas who took the blade for themselves. The Johnson hired the runners to get back the highly dangerous artifact.


The meet took place at Masamune's sushi bar. The meet was uneventful.


The team learned that the Murasama blade was being displayed at the Seattle museum of Asian history. Upon visiting the place, the quickly realized that the sword in display is a mundane replica. The runners were able to track down the lingering astral signature of the weapon, to the ACHE, an abandoned Renraku arcology, transformed into a giant housing complex for the poor. The Red ninja team were using abandoned Renraku facilities to stabilize the weapon (The weapon had become unstable since the moment it was taken out of the sealed container) as well as trying to understand the weapon's properties. An accompanying scientist was able to deduce the sword can be used to open a rift to the Yama King's realm and siphon off near limitless energy (with the proper equipment and lab) and thus put Renraku and Japan on top of the energy race to a new technological era. However, things went wrong. The runners were able to defeat the Red ninja team, killing their mage and knocking out the others. The protective energy field around the sword collapsed as the runners tried to take it by force, unleashing the twisted soul of Muramasa, in the form of a F12 demon samurai. The spirit had many powers that are not usually found in RAW spirits as well as true hardened armor. The runners in turn summoned two F12 spirits and used explosives. After a brutal battle, the spirit of Muramasa was banished and the blade returned to its protector, Hideo.


Intermittent power outages and tremors occurred in ACHE, causing KE to investigate. The Red ninja team had also escaped by the time KE arrived only to see a demolished lab and a nauseating astral signature left by the Demon. Hideo Masamune now guards the Muramasa Blade and its deadly secret.


28,000 nuyen or upto 56,000 nuyen worth of talismongering goods. 2 karma.

Player Characters