The Great Plushie Massacre

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The Great Plushie Massacre
Part of Up Tempo
LocationAmazonia, Middle of plushfuck nowhere.
Factions Involved
Moon Jelly
Vivian Valentine
Ghost Cartels


The squad get's recruited to stop international drug trafficking. The Johnson (Aztechnology) wants the runners to go to Amazonia to destroy a shipment of Tempo and destroy the distribution center.

Killing the drug traffickers is not mandatory. The johnson offers 24k each and 30k for transport to and from Amazonia. The runners would have to arrange it themselves though. Deadline for the run is 1 week.

A contact arranged travel in a smuggling compartment of a plane. One horrible ride without air conditioning left the runners in Amazonia. Where their target, the Ghost Cartels, was the one in charge. The night before take-off back to Seattle the runners hit the place. It had physical, matrix and astral protection but nothing could withstand them. All the nightguards died and the drugs were destroyed. Everyone returned safely with a bigger wallet.


The drug, Tempo, has been called an epidemic before. Any action to stop the spread of this highly addictive drug is a positive one towards the general population. The Johnson is Aztechnology however. They are among the worst of the worst. Who knows if this was their mess in the first place that you're cleaning up? Even if the run itself is clean, you are giving aztechnology's PR department the perfect story to spin.

The Meet

The location was fairly standard. The Johnson's bodyguards were trying to blend in. This was done so badly that the runners doublechecked that they were indeed guards once the meet was over.

The jewelry and demeanor of the Johnson identified him as Aztechnology. The meet went without a hitch. After a small negotiation the pay got raised from 20k to 24k nuyen a piece and 30k transport funding.

The Plan

Preliminary surveillance revealed nighttime security to be bigger but ultimately preferred. There are 2 entrances through the electrified fence with each having 3 guards. A spirit and mage-support is almost guaranteed as well as spiders on site.

The group had 3 snipers, so the plan was to remove the physical security from a distance. Once inside they use explosives to destroy the drugs. There is no knowledge about the inside security but everyone feels confident in their own ability to improvise.

They walk away without looking at explosions and hop into that atrocious airplane back to Seattle.

The Run

The first part went perfectly, the guards didn't stand a chance and all of them met a bloody end by sniper fire.

Once everyone got past this first hurdle the problems started. A powerful spirit manifested in front of the group intent on stopping them. Strong enough to survive multiple hits, it did not succeed however and everyone quickly reached the main building.

Upon breaching the door the enemy mage blasted the first one with a powerful bolt of mana. This did expose him to the rest of the drugged up combat beasts and mere moments later his body went limp. At that point the guards decided to flee but both Valentine and Tobias give no quarter to enemy combatants. They were hunted down and silenced. The explosives set, everyone quickly leaves the perimeter and gets on the plane back to Seatle.


Mission successful. Drugs are stopped, teddybears were massacred and wallets are stuffed.


24k nuyen

4 karma 2 CDP

+2 Aztechnology Rep

-2 Ghost Cartels Rep

Valentine and Tobias: +1 Notoriety

Valentine and Voiceless and Moon Jelly: +1 Teddy Bear

Valentine and Usagi: +1 Dose of Tempo

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I have heard the rumors of Amazonia being a shithole country. Now i can say the rumors are true, the beer and the company made me think fondly of the Ork Underground back home. The job itself was very straightforward. Nothing went wrong and nobody could stand against my strength.