The Littlest Black Mage

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The Littlest Black Mage
LocationEverett, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Cross Applied Technologies Lone Star
Babylon Cross Goons Charles


In which Babylon has a babysitting job.


After going out to get snacks, Gomorrah finds a small elf child who is lost in Puyallup. The spirit brings the girl back with her to the Daisy Chain, where the Ancients are hanging out and being degenerates. Babylon questions the child and finds out that her name is Jezebelle Hayden, and that she got on a bus to Puyallup after school instead of going to her piano lesson. It rapidly becomes apparent that this child is more than she looks, as Babylon assenses the child and finds out that she is a Magic 8 initiate. The girl was apparently guided to the Puyallup Barrens by her "invisible friend" who Babylon susses out is probably the Raven mentor spirit.

A Casual Drive

Deciding that she should probably get the child back to her parents and her piano lesson, and loads her up in her new Yerzzed-up vehicle. The black mage and the little mage begin to talk. Babylon finds out that Jezebelle's got a good grasp of French, specifically Quebecois French, and that her father is an Ares executive named Marshall Hayden, a Director of Thaumaturgical Operations in Ares Seattle. Despite her father's insistence in the study of Hermetic methods, Jezebelle admits that she finds herself much more drawn to the Black Magic tradition, including being taught about the deeper mysteries of the Astral realm by Juliette Burns, which annoys Babylon, because it seems odd that her teacher wouldn't mention having another student like this young woman.

Realizing that driving through downtown in a luxury vehicle with a Criminal SIN and a young child in her passenger seat is an extremely bad look, Babylon uses her connections with the Ancients and finds a smuggling tunnel that will go to Renton, rather than Downtown, for a smoother trip towards Ares' Everett location (formerly a Cross Applied Technologies building). On the way through the tunnel, a large truck comes speeding towards Babylon, but through a clever use of a physical barrier, the mage manages to make the truck spin out and faces the corporate security emblazed with the CATco logo demand that the child goes with them. Babylon calls Cecelia Cross and asks for an explanation. Cross explains that she has some business to discuss with the young Black Mage and that her father has been making contacting her privately very difficult, and so she simply wants an in-person meeting. Babylon asks if there is anything that she can do besides giving the child over, and Cecelia explains that she simply wants to give Jezebelle a hidden commlink that can be used to communicate with the Cross heir. Babylon asks for a dead drop and thanks Cecelia for her understanding before heading out onto the streets of Renton.

Ice Cream for the Black Mage Soul

Waiting for the dead drop in Renton before taking Jezebelle to her lessons, Babylon decides that she should treat the young woman to some ice cream, since she apparently doesn't get to have sugar after school on weekdays according to her parents. Babylon defies this idea of parental guidance and stops at an ice cream shoppe, going inside and letting Jezebelle begin to peruse the flavors. Babylon is confronted by Charles, her former parole officer and Lone Star member. The man begins to question Babylon, about why she wasn't flying her criminal SIN and had it broadcasting at the Daisy Chain, why she was travelling with a child who had been reported missing several hours ago, and asked for an explanation. Through magical disguises, a convoluted lie involving Gomorrah pretending to be Babylon's cousin, and a call from Charles' wife telling him to get home, the parole officer is forced to give up the closest he's come yet to arresting Babylon again.

Gomorrah goes and picks up the commlink from Cecelia, and gives it to Jezebelle before the young black mage consumes six scoops of ice cream thanks to being given a credstick by Gomorrah.

The Realization

Finishing their snack and driving to Everett in time for sundown, Jezebelle is greeted by her piano teacher, an orc woman who looks mortified that the girl is so late. Before the young woman can be chastised however, a town car pulls up and Marshall Hayden steps out and greets his daughter before letting her go and hug her mother, and elven woman who Babylon instantly recognizes as her own mother. Babylon casts Incubus on herself, to disguise herself from Hayden, and hoping that her mother will recognize her. The plan seems to work and Babylon manages to whisper a few words to her long-lost mother, both just barely managing not to cry at the realization that she was in the same city all this time.


Leaving her little sister and mother in the care of an extremely distasteful and powerful Mage, Babylon returns to the Daisy Chain and locks herself in her room, ignoring contact other than from her ally spirit as she thinks about what to do next.


  • 15 Karma (15 RVP)
  • Sadness
  • IG5 Discount
  • Optional Quality: Honest Face
  • A Lead?
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Holy shit... I have a sister. I just... I always wanted a sister. I don't even know what to make of all this... my mom remarried, to a jerk, and had another kid and I have a sister now holy shit!

Fuck. Cecelia knew, and Ms. Burns as well... they didn't tell me. She was going to be extracted by Cross if I wasn't there. Fuck - what do I do? I need to talk to them about this, obviously, but... fuck. Goddamnit.

I need to get them out of there. Soon. Fucking Ares. They'll pay for this, keeping them under my nose this whole time, in CatCo's old building no less. What to do though... I mean they deserve to go back to Cross, but... fuck. I really need to talk to her about this.

Okay. Next steps. Need to plan. Gotta figure this out, before that deadline with Tanis is up too. That Hayden guy... I was already going to follow through on principal, but it'll be satisfying to hand him over to the spirits after what he's done.

Shit. How am I going to explain that to my mom, or tell Belle what I did to her dad... shit. Just... fuck. Okay. I'll figure this out.

I have to.