The Longshot

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The Longshot
Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved
Witch Of Bones



The Meet

The Plan

The Run



Player After Action Reports (AARs)


The team, is hired by Johnson to sabotage the Lions (football team) before the upcoming Superbowl in 2 days. The team will receive 16,000Y for job success with a possible bonus if the Seattle Seahawks' rookie Running Back becomes rookie of the year. The team vocalized dispassion for sports in general with exception of Mute who mimed enthusiasm in support for Seattle Seahawks. The team agreed to conditions.

Basic legwork found that the Lions were staying at Double Tree Inn in the city. Team opted to get a room at same hotel for close observation. Mute was able to duck around the Host's spiders and was able to access the employee and guest registries. Using this information, Kitsune and Mute called room service from a particular attendant named Chuck Mann. Kitsune and Yata knocked out the employee, Kitsune disguised herself as the employee and went to the room of the Lions' Running Back who we found was married to the Quarterback, staying together. Posing as the employee who handled "discreet services", along with a fabricated receipt (provided by Mute) Kitsune was able to instigated an argument between the couple which resulted in a violent altercation which the team was able to exacerbate into a team-wide brawl, all of which was captured on trid stream and uploaded to TMZ, Amateur Urban Brawl, and other sites under humorous/inappropriate titles and tags.

The crew's efforts proved TOO successful, the Lion's entire 1st string was banned from pro-play out of embarrassment and the Lions forfeited.