The Lurker at the Threshold

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The Lurker at the Threshold
Status Threat Level: Middle
Factions Involved
Dana Jessica Boatman
Blue Crabs Gang
Number 6
King Beef


An Elder God Mage want to retrieve a really old computer, other peoples also want this computer so the runners need to be the one who get it.


Dana Jessica Boatman was looking for some old information and such old information can only be found into old computer right ? At least this time it was and the runner are sent to find the place and the computer before anyone else manage to take it.

The Meet

The team met in Everett at Dana's shop and everyone got the timing, they got welcomed by a glitchy drone that was hitting every wall of the shop. While they were waiting the J the team take a look at the shop to find an Ares Alpha under the counter and some collection of Lovecraft's Old Gold Plush, Number 6 borrowed one of them while Shy did buy some. Finally the J did meet the team and expose the situation. She was looking for the information on this computer and was ready to pay some good money to get them, but she also knew that other people can look for such kind of thing so the runners need to be quick. Sadly tho she didn't knew where the computer was, she was just aware that it was in some old building in Redmond. After the usual negociation for more money the team did accept the job.

The Plan

The team quickly gather to think about how getting the location. Shy did call Pump King Jack and ask him to watch over Redmonds for such place, in exchange of a chip the spirit did actually find the place pretty quickly. With the location the team was ready to go there. On the way to the building King Beef ask Strobe if he was willing to go faster, Strobe didn't really accept the proposal but King Beef did already call for a spirit that did use his power to turn the car into a jetliner. The three passenger (Number 6, King Beef and Strobe) did manage to survive and got on site pretty quickly.

After a quick scouting by one of Strobe's fly spy the team quickly understand that some gang barring a Blue Crab symbol was there with a bunch of Shadow Spirit. The plan got simple, King Beef was to break in and make as much noise as possible while the rest of the team was sneaking around. Homever King Beef did give everyone some K-10 and Dopadrine and only Strobe did have the common sense to refuse it.

The Run

The infiltration didn't go too far. As soon as three of the four man crew was on K-10. King Beef did quickly tear into the poor shadow spirit, as the rest of the team meet with some gangers fighting other spirits. The gang local chief did eventually show up during the fight, while Strobe's Rotodrone were tearing into some gangers and that Number 6 was doing Bullseye after Bullsyeye, Shy did charge him out of rage with her monofilament garrote. She did quickly switch to her combat knife and with the help of King Beef and Number 6 the gang chief was quickly put down.

The remainings shadow spirit didn't oppose much of a threat and the team manage to get the computer and some part of the wall arround it with them. On the way back each of them crash and got healed by King Beef friendly spirit number two.


Dana was puzzled to receive the computer and some part of the old building with it but the mission was a clear success, the team got paid and all of them got a new friend in the person of Dana. After that they did part still amazed by some of the event that King Beef did manage to set off.


10k (5 RVP)

Dana Jessica Boatman as 2/2 (3 RVP)

4 Karma (4RVP)

Mild Addiction on K-10 for Shy

Shy owe Jack a Chip

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Shy's Report : Well...This was awesome in some regard. Watching King Beef punching spirit and being so high on drug that i didn't quite understand where i was when i woke up... At least the run did go smoothly and we did get a good pay check in the end.

King Beef Ugh I was promised a fight and I guess I got one. That gang and the spirits around were some of the softer fights I'd had recently. I know I'm the best boxer in Seattle so comparing them to me isn't good but maybe I should start turning down jobs, it's just not fun unless they can put up a big fight just for me to tear em down. At least I got paid and some of thesw chums know how to party after I passed out some K-10 and Dopadrine.