The Monster's Den

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The Monster's Den
Charybdis's store.jpg
Location CreatorKarnTheGolemKing
ArchetypeBook Store
IC OwnerCharybdis
Background Count2 (VooDou)


Recently opened by the charming Voodou mage, Charybdis, it is surprisingly enough a bookstore that sells physical books. As of current, the store doesn't see much business past those interested in the novelty of non-digital reading material. However due to its magical security and lack of technology most see it as a temporary safe haven.

Distinctive Features

The Shop

The Shop area itself is mildly cluttered with shelves and decorated with various statues along with a large variety of paintings giving it a very rustic aura. One is just as likely to find what they need as they are to trip over a stack of books, but Charybdis seems to know exactly where every book is. Oddly enough visitors tend to swear that the statues adjust themselves when they aren't paying attention.

The Cafe

It isn't much more than a room with a few soy dispensers and tables but it is the least cluttered part of the store and the muffins for sale are fresh. Charybdis can often be seen at the counter putting out fresh snacks and desserts if she isn't yelling at the electronics much to the amusement of her few customers.

The Meeting Area

Unknown to her regular customers, she has a protected area devoted to setting up meetings for those who aren't particularly legal. Due to her store more gangs have been willing to settle their differences at least slightly, in part because they have a defined neutral grounds and in part that they don't want to see what happens when someone tries to start a fight in her sanctuary.

IC Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 It's a bookstore that sells physical books in Downtown on the border of Snohomish.
3 It has recently become neutral grounds for settling disputes between gangs peacefully.
6 Come nighttime the owner is willing to train others and be a mediator for discussions so long as they respect her rules.

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 The Monster's Den is a bookstore recently opened in Downtown somewhere near the Snohomish checkpoint.
3 The owner sets it up as a neutral ground for settling disputes.
5 Rumor has it, the owner frequently has meetings with runners and smugglers, but no one has proved it yet.

Runs Featuring This Location

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