The Montreal Manoeuvre

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The Montreal Manoeuvre
Hi! I'm Corf!
Factions Involved
Dennis Smith
Rambozo The Clown
Good Boy
Cyber Snake
Sludge Spirit


A Clown, a Dog and a Snake go to Montreal.


Dennis Smith requires a map of mineshaft and only way for it is to send runners there personally.

The Meet

Team had to go into Seattle Library for the meet, luckily dogs were allowed, Rambozo's reputation grants him passage and nobody wants to stop the snake. They asked where Mr. Smith is located, and poor unpaid intern barely held their composure facing rather famous runner, a dog on super cocaine and a giant snake, directing the motley crew where Mr. Smith is. The meet went fairly standard as they agreed on price, he also provided the means of getting to Montreal - A high class blimp cruise.

The Run

As the team were approaching the Airport, they encountered a KE patrol who done their very best to take interest in that yellow stop sign other then the approaching clown car and a dirt bike with a snake. A short terrifying of another clerk they are boarded in the Skacht™ (pronounced Scot). Following runners spent their flight like so:

  • Rambozo: Spending time enjoying a massage.
  • Good Boy: Running making everyone his friend, then crashing.
  • Cyber Snake: Eating the buffet.

Upon arrival Ramby was stopped by border control due his Lone Star's records on him, but since he had business in low-end they aren't paid to care that much and let them go. Their contacts were Ramona and Julio, familiar faces to some but not them, since Haven helped them flee from Seattle, Ramona was to help them create the map while they guard her. As they packed into her van, Ramona drove manually due roads being abysmally awful, reaching long abandoned mine. They encountered a very friendly and nice vehicle spirit of a minecart calling himself Corf. Further exploration team spotted Sludge spirit, consuming their respected drugs Cyber Snake being a dual natured ate the toxic spirit. The source of it was a old box of dynamite who Rambozo carefully placed into Corf to take away safely. Runners managed to create the map without any more problems.


The team returned to Seattle, job sucessfuly done and made few friends along the way, setting the stones for expanding their base of operations to Montreal.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Snake

I made a new friends, went to visit Montreal, ate a toxic spirit!... A run well done! I do hope I will see more of Montreal...