The Most Urban Brawl 4: Adept Team Six

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The Most Urban Brawl 4: Adept Team Six
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Federated Boeing
Adeptus Adeptus
Adept Gunbunny
Adept Troll
Adept Face
Adept Decker
Adept Sniper
Casualties and losses
Potatoe's Kneecaps, Scrappenny's Drones None!


An urban brawl team (of runners) prove that adepts and magic will never match a little bit of elbow grease and hard work (and a sleep paralysis demon squirrel man)


Adeptus Adeptus has been on a hot streak in the Urban Brawl world, cutting through the Brodie J Bullet Trains like they were nothing. Brodie J brought in some outside contractors to help.

The Meet

A dramatic shot of the earth. It zooms in to the Urban Brawl Arena, drones flocking over it, cameras flashing. Each runner steps in. A dynamic introduction for each one.

Cut back to Brodie J offering an exclusive deal to record the fight for some extra ware upgrades in exchange for flying the colors and simrigging it up.Their foes, Adeptus Adeptus, a team of adepts well renowned in the Urban Brawl ring. It would be a difficult fight.

The Plan

The runners picked their codenames with care. Al-Ahmar as The Scarlet King, Cyrrel as Squirrelnihilhator, Varia as Rust Tusk, Potato as THE Bladerunner and Scrappenny as Scrappenny.

With codenames meticulously picked, the runners were ready to fight.

The Run

The runners stepped out. Arms, Armor and Gusto. It was time to …


A mysterious fifth contestant stepped out ...


Who is instantly shot like 200 times and went down like a sack of potato. (Ironic)

The fight commenced. Cyrrel leaped into one of the nearby buildings and engaged the adept within with his whip as the runners pushed forwards a troll adept in the street. Scrappenny charged forward with her drones and unleashed a hail of bullets as Varia shot through the wall to try and help out Cyrrel. As the bullets flew in the street and the whip cracked across gunbunny flesh, the crack of a rifle rang out, striking Potato in the chest. She pushed forward as the troll adept dropped a grenade into the mess of drains and a mysterious decker turned the remainder of the drones into scrab. The decker readied his matrix assault cannon to wipe Varia’s brain into paste but she held fast against the assault. And took some accelerator.

As Varia continued shooting the poor gun bunny adept through the wall, Cyrrel finished the job and removed his arm as Potato and Scrappenny cleaned up the troll adept. Thier momentum was about to come to a halt as the rifle cracked through the air again. And again. And again. Each bullet cutting through Potato's flesh and chrome and circuits like paper. The dwarf fell, bleeding, to the ground.

Scrappenny, filled with rage over the loss of her drones, charged the deckers position tossing molotovs while Varia slammed a car through the building. Cyrrel leaped up into the sniper + face nest, running along on all fours like a horrible little monster. With a mono-whip and a grenade launcher.

A few more shots exhanged as the runners and snipers exchanged fire back and forth until Cyrrel got shot in the chest by a sniper bullet at point blank range. A bullet that would have torn through plascrete didn't even flow his sqride (squirrel stride). Varia offered the deck a choice to surrender and get fished out of his burning building in exchange and the face gave one final, British speech to rally the team. Unfortunately for the dramatic speech, as they looked at their odds vs 4 fresh runners, they chose to surrender.


Varia sprinted off as the accelerator crash hit and the survivors played a normal game of Urban Brawl. Potato got medical attention, Cyrrel flipped and leaped the ball into the ghoul, Scrappenny ducked and weaved and even Al-Ahmar scored some goals! Cyrrel got an autographed ball AND an autographed severed arm. It was good fun for everyone and somehow, no one died.


-20k nuyen

-6 karma

-2 CDP

-Optional Contact: Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III (C4/L4 Lovable Idiot) for 7 RVP or 14 CDP

-Optional Contact: Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy (C2/L2 Lovable Idiot) for 3 RVP or 6 CDP

For Everyone but Varia: One Team Jersey (Licensed - Brody J Bullet Trains) w/ simrig

Optional Gear Reward: Ware/upgrades, up to alphaware & 18 availability

+1 Public Awareness (for wearing the simrigs)

For Scrappenny: Optional Quality: Local Fame +1 additional Public Awareness (for playing under her runner name)

+1 loyalty on Brody J

For Cyrrel: One Sports Ball (Good - Signed by the members of Adeptus Adeptus and the Brody J Bullet Trains)

Optional Quality: Natural Athlete @ chargen price

For Potato:

Optional Quality: Will to Live @ chargen price

For Al-Ahmar:

Optional Quality: Instinctive Hack @ chargen price

For Varia:

Optional Quality: Focused Concentration @ chargen price

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Varia - This was interesting. There are some ... volatile personalities on the Haven. The whip wielder was a skilled fighter but he seemed like a loose cannon, a great deal of chaos waiting to happen. The Dwarf seemed as if she had no desire or hold on life, walking into the line of fire and her own death with a smile on her face. The rigger seemed overtaken by rage and almost a burned a man to death. The matrix support seemed ... normal. I am not sure if this means I fit in or stand out.


Alright, I was awesome at this. Climbing in windows, running around, whipping the drek out of people, jumping out of windows and launching grenades. Drek, I could be famous! I guess the rest of the team did okay. Potato chick was good at catching bullets, and somebody lit a fire. I don't know really, I was kinda in the zone, so I'm not sure what happened other than me kicking ass. I even got the ball signed and signed the arm I took off this one guy. There isn't much to say, really, other than how hype it was. I even scored first!


Felt good to be in a firefight like that and dealing with enemies and gunning down left and right with my pack of drones. sadly they get brick far too easily...sometimes I wish my drones could take a bigger hit then being drop out left and right


I know, I know, I'm boring as hell. Everyone else was doing crazy drek and fighting like crazy, but what do you expect? I got some lightly kevlar-lined jacket and a deck, I'm not supposed to fight! Let these crazy Kami'd up bozos kill each other - no offense, fellas - and I'll just live to see another day in this corner here. No, really, I hate that kinda drek. I'll help ya stay alive, but that's where my help ends if I can at all help it!