The Social A'ight

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The Social A'ight
LocationSan Fernando
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shibata Construction and Engineering
That Poor Guard


Went to the Philippines to recover Brodie J's drug case. Aced the run like badasses.


Brodie J partied so hard at a meeting that he forgot his precious drug case in their office.

The Meet

Brodie J Is unconscious when the team arrives. After getting woken up there is a back and forth between him and Bland where we are offered 25001 nuyen. We agree and we're flown to the Philippines in his private jet.

The Plan

We winged it super hard.

The Run

We arrive in San Fernando and book a car and hotel, both of which 8133D3R refuses to sleep in and instead sleeps in the alley. Shortly later Bland and Rurosha meet with a Japanese-speaking Boeing employee and discuss business over dinner. With more information, the team acquire records as Boeing employees. The next day we meet at the building, after getting 8133D3R a suit, and start our social infiltration. After initial setbacks, Bland manages to convince the Japanese man met earlier to give us access to the elevator. We get to the 16th floor, the man steps off the elevator and we stay in. 8133D3R hacks the elevator to get us higher, but only to the 20th floor since a spider stopped us. We book it out of the elevator and to the stairs, with Bland convincing the people suspicious of us that we are in a rush and the elevator broke down. We make it to the floor with the case and attempt to sneak. 8133D3R is noticed basically immediatly and escorted to a security office. Bland and Rurosha on the other hand manage to acquire the case without getting noticed. Before 8133D3R can be cuffed the two runners surprise attack the security officer and take him out quickly and quietly. We then escape down the stairs and encounter a problem. IDs are being scanned. Luckily Bland manages to convince the guard to not scan the team's and let us through. Mission accomplished.


Brodie got his drugs back.


20k nuyen (or double that in drugs!) - 10 RVP

6 karma - 6 RVP

5001 nuyen - Negotiation Bonus


+1 PA


Trustworthy for -15 RVP (Bland has to take this!)

Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III Connection 4 Networker at Loyalty 1 for -4 RVP (he barely remembers you...)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, this was certainly one of the more odd jobs I've seen. Still, the team was competent for the most part. That trip was nasty, though.


Well, we did the job, and we got the case back, but the process still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It could have gone, should have gone so much better; I am shocked that we got out of there at all. I'm sure our faces are all gonna be on the trids anytime now, and Knight Errant to be knocking at our door. I don't fault my teammates, they were wiZ. No, this one falls squarely on my shoulders, and if I could do it again I'd do it better. No crying over spilt soy-milk I guess.