The Start of an Adventure

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The Start of an Adventure
Part of Dunkle Machenschaften
Result mission was a success
Factions Involved
Socialist Party of Redmond
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
2 Decks
Purkinje as Coach


The party of the Johnson wanted the runner to dig up Files about the Leader Of The Socialist Party of Redmond and current Mayor Sonya Scholl with all means necessary.


The meet was held in a highclass café the runners were there in time and everything went normal until the Payment was discussed there Quickdraw bragged about his accomplishments and wanted more then the offered 26.000 Nuyen by this insulting the Johnsons proffesionality to estimate threats and her personally.

The Johnson quoted :"You're lucky to be getting this much, you bettter live up to those braggs and be happy to keep it." That concluded the Meet.


After the meet Gauge got called by his boss because he was being late for his shift. After that the runners started their Legwork by finding out stuff about Sonya Scholl her Party and her Partys Host. After they finished the research they entered the Destination Host legally and perceived The nested Datahost, found and entered it while running silent. In the Datahost they started to perceive the Files they where looking for which took about 1 and a half minutes and led to Quickdraw being spotted however Gauge and Z3K3 started disarming Databombs and decrypting the files in question. After Bricking one security Spider and Dodgeing the Blaster IC Quickdraw jacked out immediately, leaving the other 2 behind who were still hidden and managed to not be spotted by the Patrol IC, Before logging off Z3K3 Bricked the second spider and Gauge walked out of there with the copied files as if nothing happened. Resulting in succeeding the run.


The runners got paid 24K Nuyen since Quickdraw couldn't hold up to his braggs and the Johnson had to tidy up behind them.


24k Nuyen 1 Karma

Runner AARs

Gauges report

FINALLY! Sammy Kane came through and got me a job, un-fragging-believable! Simple smash and grab, sneak in, take stuff, don't get caught, Jack out and profit.... what can possibly go wrong, not like we're crossing a Dragon here?!

Well, we turn up to the meet, Ms. J has laid out a treat, pastries coffee & a nice cosy back room to chill and chat,I take a few essentials of course, maybe a snack for later and we settle down to business.

So, we start talking and it turns out we need data from a set of nested hosts from some political group in Redmond, not only that but the fraggin' MAYOR who is in league with Fraggin Dragons...the J offers us 26K to get it done and I gotta admit I kinda nearly lost it right there in front of the guys, but, I held it together, looked at Z3K3, looked at Quickdraw ... looked at the J and was about to sweet talk her up, cause this should pay a bit more upfront for our troubles.. but QD beats me to the punch, going on about his last toasty hot run, taking on megacorps and super hot rating hosts and like, I believe the guy but the J's chin hits the floor and just stares him out like whoa! She just gets up and drops us a stare "You better live up to your reputation then" and without another word just leaves.

So me and Zeke are about to just go nuts and I get a urgent call about a fresh stiff that just arrived in the cooler, so I have to go deal, Zeke comes with and we head to the morgue.

I'm like fuming man but the quick hit of Psyche chills me and I jump into the net to look up this Mayor lady. After a bit, J4rvis hits me up with what he finds, which is a whole heap of not a lot ..

Work day done we head to Quicks place .. I mean wow .. this guy knows how to live! .. pretty shady on the outside but yet he gots 5-O on call, and a freezer full of real meat ... tacos get pushed out and we lay into business, we can deck in from here and just lay waste to their host for kicks.

So we do, easy into the lobby and all is normal, walk past the security to these big doors that smell of paydata... Zeke flickers out and back ... must have caught a tail ... mentions something about trix ghosts or somethin but I don't really deal, I'm in the zone!

We slip into the datahost, this place is buzzing man, Patrol ICE is on the payroll and earning it, I fell kinda naked the way one of them looks through me.. but we quickly search for the target and get to work .. QD gets spotted first, was only a matter of time really .. all hell breaks loose ass SPIDERS drop in and the ICE rolls out, Zekes on the bombs, I'm ready with the decrypt but QD takes the heat ... he handles it but to be safe drops from the host and gets a bloodied brain fro his trouble, nothing that a few meds won't fix up I hope.

me and Zeke finish the job pronto, he ghosts the ICE and I grab the files as he blinks out the host, the security search all over, distracted. Looking for all the world like I live here, I use the front door and walk out like nothing happened .. Destination Host can't even touch me, I vape out.

Ms J I don't think is happy, I mean yeah we tripped a few alarms and maybe bloodied up a security deckers day a llittle, but she docks our pay in recompense, I mean I was expecting her to blow us off totally but I can handle 2K down, in fact I got a little work coming up that'll make that back easy.. it's drek work doing the filing for the morgue, but hey... it pays the bills!

Z3K3's New Groove

<Lowtrack Begins>

Yo! There we were just walkin' and the diner was poppin a beat. I arrived an hour early trying to calm my feet. The crew walks in the the three of us to make this beat. We were looking kinda fly and were ready for the meet. <Yo! I'm Ready!.VoicesynthAudio>

The Ms. Johnson was pretty hot son, but I wasn't gonna let that sway me. She had a job for us and I was gone when she said 26k and the deets. <26000.BlurredAudio>

Partner in crime tried to pinch us another dime, and Ms. J wasn't having it she said "You better deliver on time." <You better live up.BlurredAudio>

Honestly though, Legwork was making my head hurt. I didn't know where to start so I was like let the guy lead the way he knows what's going on these days. Other buddy got delayed day job got in the way. <Phone Ringing.Audio>

We got the Info it was pretty dope yo! Big bad dragons, Political parties, Subterfuge. This is my day. Time to infiltrate the host, we check to make sure the coast is clear. Never thought I'd see it but saw a Xenosapient get in the way. Sent me a message look no further and almost spooked me to my grave. <I don't know what I saw guys.Audio>

Went back in, team hand a handle. it was only a slight delay. We went to looking at it showboat got in a fray. Means there wasn't much time to stay. <Get the files and get out.Blurredaudio>

Files were trapped but I ain't trash. I disarmed them in a flash and provided cover for our main. <The bomb has been defused.CSaudio>

It wasn't hard we got the data. Things weren't a fiesta for the Ms. J. She wasn't happy with us we got spotted. So she docked our pay down by 2k. <I Heard there was trouble.Blurredaudio>

It was my first run and now I'm official chum, onto my next foray. <Does this make me official?.Audio>