Dunkle Machenschaften

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Dunkle Machenschaften is a Metaplot formed aroun The Former number one who wants to get their spot back.

The Start Of an Adventure

Sonya Scholl has been Mayor long enough and who would be a better canditate than a high ranking Saeder-Krupp North West employee. The COO (CORPORATE OVERSIGHT OFFICE) with and under Lowfyr has developed a plan that on the long run not only strenghtens their Position in Seattle and increase production but also increases their relationship with the NAN. but for this to happen they first must gain controll over Redmond. As a first step they need to dethrone Sonya Scholl to start an avalanche of events that draws lines where nobody would suspect them and for this Saeder-Krupps has sent Miss J to Seattle. She has her first Apperance as she hires a group of runners to steal dirty data from Sonja Scholl the Mayor of Redmond. The Run succeeds but not without starting a commotion the socialist party who now suspect a mole in their ranks. After the run the files that got copied were made puplic by several annonymous bloggs. and the News spread like Wildfire even in Redmond.

A Daring Rescue

It didn't take Sonya Scholl and her party long to find out whose fault the information leak was and now they want to find out what else the mole knows and ask him some questions before they hand him over to the officials or resolve this Redmond style. Predictively as SKNW is they already have a plan for this and send a runner team from the Shadowhaven Network to help since they did a not that bad job. The runners picked up the request to save the informant and started their search with Ivan Iljin who is with the people who Kidnapped Charles Smith. After visiting his home where he was absent they went to the place where he is mostly seen in his freetime a strip club. After a short discussion Kost was able to convince Iljin to cooperate and share the information about Smiths where abouts. The runners made a drove to the warehouse where Smith was kept made a battleplan an succeded in its execution.



Saeder Krupp is the main employer for this Metaplot and has quite some requests up their sleeve for runners to fulfill.


  • Get A foothold in Redmond
  • Change the Demographics of Redmond in their Favor
  • Run a smear campaign against Sonya Scholl
  • Destroy a certain building to settle old grudges

Socialist Party of Redmond

Currently leading Faction of Redmond. Sonya Scholl is head of the Party and Mayor of Redmond


  • Control the fate of Redmond.


A Daring RescueIriodin1 December 2080
The Start of an AdventureIriodin30 November 2080


The End of an Era