A Daring Rescue

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A Daring Rescue
Part of Dunkle Machenschaften
LocationRedmond Barrens
Vory Henchmen
Casualties and losses
None None


Runners are hired to rescue a kidnapped party. They track down one of the men responsible, get the location, the crash in (one of them literally) to the warehouse, rescue and heal the victim and return him safely to the Johnson.


Charles Smith was a mole against Sonya Scholl’s party. He was kidnapped by the Vory as a result of leaking information that started a previous run, The Start of an Adventure. This run is connected to the metaplot Dunkle Machenschaften.

The Meet

The meet was held in the backroom of a bakery that seemed oddly friendly and knowledgeable of and toward shadowrunners. They negotiated terms and got the basic details: one of theirs has been kidnapped by the Vory and is likely being interrogated. They want him rescued within 24 hours, not believing he will last that long under interrogation.

The Legwork

The Johnson gave the runners the name of a member of the Vory she believed to be involved with the kidnapping. After a brief matrix search, they have a home address and a possible hangout location, a local strip club angled toward ork and troll strippers. They decide to start with the house. Kost goes in with Paladin and Dr. Trauma on standby, and CAPTAIN FREEFALL standing on the roof, looking to serve JUSTICE if someone were to try and run. Kost poses as a makeup saleswoman from Evo and finds out the husband won't be back until the next day around noon. She insists on having the meeting with him there and excuses herself. The group goes to the strip club, where they locate the target. Kost approaches him while the others are on standby. Kost threatens him and promises him to leave his name out if he tells them where the target is being held. He gives them the address. They scout the warehouse and determine the number and approximate location of Vory henchmen. They do not have eyes on the target.

The Plan

Kost and Paladin will sneak in while under invisibility provided by Dr. Trauma. They will locate the target and then CAPTAIN FREEFALL will free fall into the room, creating a distraction. Paladin ad Kost will deal with any unaware thugs they can, working with CAPTAIN FREEFALL. Dr. Trauma will dispatch the guard outside. The team all agrees to go non-lethal.

The Run

Kost and Paladin successfully infiltrate the warehouse. 1 guard in front and 3 in the first room leaves 1 person unaccounted for, and no target. They locate a door leading into the backroom, which they assume is where the target is being held and likely interrogated by the remaining Vory they have not located. Paladin forwards this information and the fight begins. First, CAPTAIN FREEFALL positions himself, then crashes through the ceiling into the second room, heroicly landing in a small crater on the floor, and pulling the target into his protective aura. The interrogator attempts to stop CAPTAIN FREEFALL by hitting him with a crowbar, but JUSTICE soaks the damage and Cap is unharmed. Meanwhile, Paladin dispatches a guard in one move, and Kost shoots another. Dr. Trauma moves in on the front guard, wounding but not stopping him. CAPTAIN FREEFALL hits the interrogator, knocking him out and moves in to free the target. Kost finishes her target, Paladin wipes out a second, then Kost finishes off the guard by the door before he can run to report what is happening. No deaths occurred during this run.

Dr. Trauma heals the target with a combination of first aid and magical healing. They drive back to the Johnson, who increases the reward for a speedy job and for returning him fully healed. The runners learned that the Johnson's name was Catherine, but have learned no more about her.


  • Karma = 3
  • Nuyen = 20.000
  • Rep = --

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It was nice to be in my element. Much talking and a little shooting is something I know I can do well. And working with the others was quite interesting. CAPTAIN FREEFALL especially struck me as odd, but was quite effective. I wish we knew a little more about who hired us, but I know she pays and that is the most important.


That was a job well done though the... superhero? CAPTAIN FREEFALL really needs to lay off the jumping or his "knees of justice" will give out one day.