The System Is Down

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The System Is Down
LocationGlow City
Factions Involved
The Children of The Glow


The Old School Chat has gone down! Oh No! SysOp TANJ quickly gathers a bunch of runners together to make repairs.

Because Tek is crazy, this run will involve literally locking the old school chat room for the duration of the run.


A leak had sprung in the servers water cooling system requiring SysOp TANJ to hire a group of runners to head for Glow City and repair it.

The Meet

Called to the Daze the group is greeted by SysOp TANJ, who honestly seems a few screws loose, and they are told the situation. Due to his erratic nature and seeming scatterbrained personality it takes three separate occasions to properly complete the meet, the first to tell us the job, the second to provide with radiation gear (which he accidentally used some in demonstration), and the third to give us the parts needed and discuss pay.

To make up for accidentally using one of the nanite doses, TANJ connected the team with Jean Jacques Pierre, allowing them access to a tailor who could provide expedited Radiation Shielding cloaks.

The Plan

Head to Glow City and repair the server running The Old School Chat using the spare parts given by SysOp TANJ.

The Run

The team headed towards Glow City after calling Hanz "Schnellman" Beck to borrow his off-road vehicle, where shortly after being dropped off, the team is "rescued" by a group of children who thought the naga Silver was going to eat us. After much negotiation and bribery involving clean water, a packet of ramen, and one snakey back ride the children were helpful enough to try and give directions and warnings of the area and also allowed Dr.Trauma to diagnose them and promptly provide them with a home outside of Glow City with Rev. Toby Newton one of his contacts. Once again, beginning their trek through a wasteland, Glow rats, and Razorcats, the team finally reaches a blockade guarded by the Children of the Glow, which according to the location given, was also close to where the server was. After Turul scouted around from stealth, the team proceeded through the barricade after the talkative guard told them he was all alone towards a Radhound den, guarding the server. Subduing the only two adult Radhounds,non-lethally due to the puppies, Couronne was able to repair the server with no issue, and the team started back only to meet their final obstacle a monologuing radiation spirit who was dealt as quickly as the blockade guard.


Couronne was able to repair the server restoring The Old School Chat, Dr.Trauma was able to rescue the children they encountered and sent them to a better home, and everyone was able to make it safely home to contaminate with few health problems in the health run.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"For my first trek into Glow City it wasn't that bad, though I have a feeling I won't be able to stay away now that I know there are probably more children living there that I can help gonna go ahead and apologize to Toby for the numerous radioactive children I'm gonna keep sending his way, also screw spirits!"


Huh Omae, that was intense! I need to get better gear for next time I'm needed in a hostile environment. But it turned out well enough. Even managed to save some kinds, and do minimal harm to a den on paracritters.


"This was an interesting run - my second in the past couple weeks that involved radiation exposure - I'm glad that I finally picked up some protective rad gear at least this time. It was a good thing that Trauma was able to set those irradiated orphans up with a better situation. And I just still don't understand why one of our servers is 1) so fraggin' ancient, and 2) why it's located in the depths of Glow City, in a radhound den, protected by crazy cultists?? I get that it's pretty damn secure, but seriously now…"