The Uses of Paranoia

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Title: The Uses of Paranoia

Author: Purkinje the Many-Branching

Date: 28 Sept 2080

Body: <rant>Alright I just got back from Crime Mall, and I need to vent. SOME supplier, I'm not naming names, was so paranoid about their shipment's matrix security that they didn't even put tracker tags on anything. Not only did they neglect to do that, they even went so far as to rip out the vehicle's ID chip without installing a spoof chip. We had to go right up to a KE patrol in the process of tracking it down, and even then we only got lucky we were fast enough the gangers' car was right next to the stolen Roadmaster the goods were in. Since a lot of you don't know how the matrix works but really want to avoid being hacked, here's the gist: spend a little extra on good protection. It's worth it, trust me. For the vast majority of the population, hacking is out of the question due to the price of cyberdecks and the time investment required to learn how to use them. People who have both are usually not patrolling the street for illegal arms shipments, and even then, just go over everything with a bug sweeper and tag eraser if you're extra worried. It'll be worth it when you need to track down lost gear. Especially don't do something that'll tip the police off like tear out your vehicle ID chip. You might as well paint NOT A CRIMINAL on your car.</rant>