The brother´s call

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The brother´s call
Part of enemy within
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Pinky Cats
Heavy Ordnance
Sexy Bonsai
Eric Payne Boombox
Fia d'Moon
Mr. Cromwell
Ares Engineer
Mage Brother
Troll Ganger
Dwarf Ganger
7xMCT-Nissan Roto-Drone (Swarm)
Casualties and losses
Heavy Ordnance passed out Drones destroyed, All gang members passed out


The Runners are tasked with capturing a deserted Ares engineer and his brother, as well as securing a shipment of prototype parts.


Ares engineer Frank Neil is working very successfully on a project for improved weapon components. When his older brother Grant Neil contacts him and asks for his help because his gang, the Pinky Cats, are having big problems with other gangs smuggling weapons, Frank deserts from Ares, steals a load of prototype parts and other equipment such as drones, and heads off to find his brother. Mr. Cromwell learns of this circumstance through S-K connections and decides to secure the weapons parts as well as turn the engineer and his brother over to S-K to secure cooperation.

The Meet

As always, the meeting will be held at the Harrington Hotel. The runners are taken to Mr. Cromwell by Alexis. He explains the task for the Run: "Secure the Ares prototypes and capture the engineer and his brother." The standard GDI offer of Nuyen or discount on their goods is accepted by the Runners.

The Plan

The Runners are trying to find out if the Pinky Cats are part of the Yakuza or have a hangout. Neither is the case. They than decide to drive to the place to scout.

The Run

The team drives to the location (Redmond an old factory building) and Sexy Bonsai hacks into the sensor arrays placed there. When he tries to manipulate the commlink connected to the sensor arrays, he gets caught and the gangers and a swarm of drones start looking for the runners. Heavy Ordnance runs into the factory facility, making itself the main target of the gangers and the drones. She can lay down fire on the drones and a troll with her machine gun suppression. This destroys all the drones. The troll, however, takes it very well. Boombox and Fia support from the entrance but have to retreat a bit when a grenade hits their position. Sexy Bonsai supports the team via the matrix. The gangers manage to take out Heavy Ordnance under concentrated fire (fainted). Thanks to an intervention of fate, Boombox manages to place a gas grenade with Neurostun that captures all gangers. The runners run away and are chased by the gangers. But then all of them fall to the ground unconscious. The Runners are able to collect the prototype parts and hand over the two brothers.


Mr. Cromwell can extract profit from the prototypes and hand over the brothers to S-K.


  • 16.000 Nuyen or double of that as Weapon, Armor, Cyberware or Bioware Gearreward (8 RVP) up to 19 Avail
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP)

Optional (pay with RVP from above)

  • Mr. Cromwell (6/3) (for 8 RVP)


  • Special Modification 1 (for 5 RVP)

Heavy Ordnance

  • Special Modification 1 (for 5 RVP)

Sexy Bonsai

  • Go Big or Go Home (for 6 RVP)


  • Witness My Hate (7 RVP) or Focused Concentration 3 (4 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Fia d'Moon

I've geeked people before, but I've not been in a situation where one of my team was close to death. If it wasn't for the gas grenades I think we would have been made. Glad to see that our gunman left in one piece. Was worried for a second that they'd be pulped then and there. I really gotta work on my teamwork.

Sexy Bonsai

So we had to raid this warehouse full of guns or some shit, anyway I hacked their shit, actually got seen this time but that's ok Sexy wasn't really bringing his A-Game you know omae? Even legends have their off days, then the team got their shit pushed in by some big trog dude with a spear but eventually they all actually did their jobs and we came out with a win. Which is fortunate cos I got paid, not like I would have stuck around and saved their asses if they didn't manage to pull it out of the bag though.