The yakuza strikes back!

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The yakuza strikes back!
Part of The Farm and The Furious
LocationRedmond Barrens - Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The yakuza
Casualties and losses


Runners are hired by the Halloweeners to check out what the yakuza was planning next to their turf, after an intense battle the runners discovered something much bigger than they expected.


Miss J of the Halloweeners contacted the Haven for an emergency operation, to investigate the sudden yakuza movement in the barrens, what their intention was and if possible to disrupt it with copious amounts of explosives. Windsong, Koi, Pell and Hetake accepted the mission.

The Meet

The team met in a safe house provided by the J where she explained that they had conflicts with the yaks in the past and they feared retaliation, after a bit of bartering to increase their pay, the team was sent to an abandoned building to investigate.

The Plan

They passed by the building and decided to scout the place, with the help of a flying drone, the runners verified that the building was indeed occupied and was being used as a foward base of operations, after climbing the side walls, they prepared to ambush the guards and keep going

The Run

The ambush was executed perfectly and the guards were taken care of before they could even react, but after the brief fight the rest of the gang realised that they were under attack and came in with full force, armed with assault rifles and heavy machine gun mounted pickup trucks, a brutual gunfight ensued and part of the building was almost demolished in the process. By the end both sides were pretty badly beaten, on the runner´s side Pell almost died to a full auto burst, as for the thugs the breaking point came after witnessing their friends and heavy supports being taken down, with things were getting worse by the second some of them tried to turn tail and retreat but none escaped, a single survivor was left unconcious in the streets to pass on the message that they were not wanted in the barrens.


After taking care of the wounded the team discovered why the yaks were interested in that location, the BF2 had a passage to an old, abadoned, sewer system, with some repairs it would functional and they would be able to move equipment and personel through the Barrens undetected, not taking any chances the team planted the exploding charges and reduced the place to rubble, with their mission completed, they returned to the J that agreed that an extra was in order as the runners went above and beyond and faced much a much larger threat than anticipated.


10 karma 16k nuyen

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AAs)


Well, getting shot sucked, hard. Really need to get that Great Form spirit bound sooner rather than later, if I'm getting shot more. Decent chunk of cash from this run, though.


Gotta say this one was a real test of combat, never had a fire fight that intense in cal free. They definitely undersold us on how dangerous it was but hey we survived, the yaks didnt, and it was a great team to have in a firefight. I wonder how much more of my works gunna be in the barrens


I'm glad this one turned alright, while we didn't take any casualties, we were cutting it close with Pell. She got really banged up, and I hate seeing pretty faces banged up like that. That being said, I have to be insane for wanting to flirt with the crazy clown lady.


I tried to save that one Yak, I really did. He got himself before I could break his weapon though. :(