There Will Be Brawl

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There Will Be Brawl
Result Runner victory
Factions Involved
Special appearance: Rambozo
Casualties and losses


The Seattle Screamers are going up against the Chicago Sensations in the local Redmond barrens. The Sensations have been having a fantastic season and are expected to wipeout the Screamers, who have yet to gain their momentum. One wealthy, overzealous fan has determined this isn’t acceptable and is determined to do something about it. Well, not him personally. That would be dangerous. But he is looking to hire some people to do it for him.


Last year, one of the Seattle Screamers players was caught using Adept powers on the field, and the Screamers were disqualified in what would have otherwise been an upset win over the Cincinnati Lasers. The Screamers still haven't recovered from that, and have been having a poor time ever since.

The Meet

The team is invited to meet at a sports bar called "The Beat Down", and is issued a specific ARO to fly to identify themselves. Once the ARO enters the bar, the bartender is alerted and quickly ushers the team members into the back, near the freezer.

Once the team gathers, Mr. Johnson arrives, wearing head to toe Seattle Screamers swag. Licenced Jersey, facepaint, a dozen ARO badges, fiberoptic hair in the Screamers colors, you name it. He's a superfan. He invites the team to have their meet in the freezer for privacy. Matrix signals are mostly jammed in there. He rambles for a while talking about the Screamers and the team has to set him back on track. The superfan is offering to pay the team to help ensure that the Screamers "get the win they deserve", offering ¥14,000 if they win, and a bonus of ¥2,000 if they win by a large margin.

The Plan

The team came up with a 2 part plan.

First, they wanted to track down some of the Sensations and kidnap them, holding them so they would be unavailable for the game.

Then, they planned to lure a bunch of technocritters into the brawl zone and tip off the Screamers about an infestation so they could come prepared.

The Run

  • The team started by doing some legwork and matrix searching, they had tried to find out where the brawl zone would be, but after finding out only the International Urban Sports Union Commissioner knows this information, they decided not to pursue that route.
  • Instead, they did some looking and used Steel's knowledge from having been an Urban Brawler as well as his knowledge of clubs and bars to work out what kind of club would be a good choice for a visiting Urban Brawl team.
  • The team did some recon on the club and confirmed a few members of the team were present. Prepare your butt and hold tight because this is where it gets weird.
  • Over the course of working out how to go about this, they realized they would need a distraction, and someone who could keep an eye on the kidnapped brawlers to ensure they remain missing until after the game. For the distraction, they decide they want to go and find someone who farms Devil Rats in the barrens. They buy 10. And then they track down and buy... A T-Shirt cannon. This drek is gonna go exactly where you think it's gonna go except worse.
  • Faced with the need to keep the players on lockdown for a few days, they call Rambozo. They hire him out to assist in the kidnapping and holding the brawlers, giving him the t-shirt cannon to use as a distraction, loading it with devil rats.
  • It is ruled that the T-Shirt cannon should function like a grenade launcher, and follow the rules for that which means the heavy weapons skill. The rats also take 1d6 stun damage from the impact after fired.
  • When go-time rolls up, the team jams the area with a whopping 12 noise in a 100 meter radius. They roll in and unloads on the club, shooting out the windows, firing a devilrat upstairs, and then shooting a neurostun gas grenade into the room with the brawlers. The fight is nasty, and Kani goes down from Physical damage. Neurostun takes out all of the hostiles at the end of the round we well as filling the last of Kani's stun boxes as well. Kani is dragged out of the cloud by Kera, who is wearing chemseal. Regeneration brings her back up eventually.
  • The team stuffs the brawl team into their car and takes them to a discrete location, bricking their gear and keeping them in . Rambozo spends the next several days messing with them., in Kera's walk-in freezer (unplugged so they don't freeze to death) because we already established at the meet that this sort of thing blocks matrix signals to a degree. I was not expecting them to use that one against me but here we are.
  • Next, Queen spends a good amount of time and research figuring out how to create a resonance signal to attract technocritters. Once the brawl zone is announced, she uses this to lure the critters into the brawl zone, and an anonymous tip is sent to the Screamers coach warning them about a technocritter infestation. The Screamers make preparations, but don't act on them until they confirm their presence in the game.


  • The Screamers won by a landslide, as the Sensations were down 3 of their first string players and were hindered by technocritters who were oddly attracted to them.
  • 6 members of the Sensations went missing for a few days, and reappeared naked and rambling something about clowns.


  • ¥14,000
  • 5 Karma
  • Rambozo was hired by the team and was paid ¥10,000 (¥2,000 each from player rewards plus ¥2,000 from expense account), and earned 2 karma and kept the T-shirt cannon and presumably the 7 Devil rats.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


In the spirit of Urban Brawl... We may have taken this one a bit off the rails. So much so we couldn't see the train anymore. I may have slightly underestimated the Chicago Sensation's abilities... And the amount of heat they were packing. Desert Strikes were not on the menu, but I managed to keep them distracted for everyone else to execute the plan. The gas seemed to work well, though I was taking a bit of a nap at the time due to two well aimed shots... After it went off though, things went peachy, we made the extraction, and Rambozo got to have a bit of fun for a few days!


The clown employed his arsenal of torture techniques on the brawlers as soon as the runners left them alone, mostly to keep them in check, but also to keep himself from becoming bored. He removed any modular limbs from the players, invoking a sick game of "Stop Hitting Yourself" against them. He also let the Devil Rats, which he referred to as his "sons," bit and nibble on the players for a time... this went on for a few days before Ramby let them go, putting a clown nose on each of them before a burlap sack was stuffed over their heads. He took them all one at a time to random spots in either Redmond or Puyallup, kicking them out and cutting them loose of their restraints before driving off.