Time in a Bottle

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Time in a Bottle
Part of Suffer the Children
Factions Involved
Good Boy
Felipe Chandler


The runners sneak into a dying child's room and kidnap him.


Tim is a young ork boy that is not going to live much longer. He needs a gene therapy that his family simply cannot afford. Luckily, one of the doctors involved in his treatment, Felipe Chandler, cares enough to help the boy at least have a wish before he dies. The boy loves his shadowrunner trids, so, what to get him...

The Meet

The group meets at a Soybucks. The man they meet with is not your typical Johnson. He is wearing a doctor's coat and is running almost entirely on caffeinated beverages. He explains about his patient, Tim, who is suffering from a genetic disorder that will end up killing him soon. Before that happens, he wants the runners to give him a great experience: they are to extract the boy, take him out for a good day, then return him. For this he offers 4,000 nuyen and assures runners that the parents have consented. The runners refuse to ask for more money because they are not monsters.

He gives the runners the layout of the building, info on security (2 in the front, four on each floor) and asks runners to be sure not to kill any guards.

Twitch pets Good Boy and is rewarded with a bruised leg by the happy puppy's ridiculous strong tail.

The Plan

The runners want to give the whole experience to Tim. Usagi asks for Twitch to find out Tim's matrix username. Twitch, after taking some time to feel better from Good Boy's tail wags, breaks into the hospital host, gets the medical file, which includes information on matrix activity conducted by the patient. His matrix username is TinyTim.

Good Boy will use his new Increase Charisma spell to distract the guards by being a Good Boy. Then Pell and Usagi will rush to the second floor, making a bit of a ruckus, and Twitch will position himself outside the room. They will rappel Tim down to the vehicle and take off. To add some excitement for Tim, Twitch loads a drone with gel rounds to shoot at the car.

The Run

The run goes off as planned. Good Boy is the perfect distraction, and manages not to harm the two exterior guards with hapoy tail wags. Usagi and Pell run, but one guard catches up. There is a brief fight in which this guard does surprisingly well, but ends up disarmed and shocked repeatedly. He eventually withdraws. They get into Tim's room. Usagi refers to the boy as Tiny Tim, adopting it as a runner name for Tim.

Tim loves every second of it and complies with all commands. They rappel to Twitch's car and take off, with Twitch's drone in hot pursuit. After a couple blocks, they "lose" the drone. Usagi calls Tanuki for a quick favor.

They proceed to Solace. There, they are met by Tanuki's Steel Lynx, which makes a show of "scanning" the boy and says, "Shadowrunner Tiny Tim, accepted." The doors to Solace are then wirelessly opened.

They proceed to the undersolace and just hang for the day. Twitch crafts a hidden ARO using Tiny Tim's runner name and leaves it with the boy as his "Official Shadowrunner Badge."

The runners return Tiny Tim at night. The window is still open and the rope previously used has been conveniently knotted for easy climbing. There, they see the doctor, smiling. He thanks them and they leave.


Tiny Tim had the time of his life. All the runners felt a little better about themselves. The doctor was very appreciative of their efforts.


4,000 nuyen

7 karma -or- 5 karma and Felipe Chandler at loyalty 2

2 DocWagon rep


A trideo of Tiny Tim's extraction

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


TinyTim was awesome. I feel so bad that he's going through what he is. But, I'm glad that we could do something to help him. It's even worth that little scratch on Baby from the gel rounds, and you won't hear me say that about much (don't worry, I got the scratch fixed up and Baby is okay now).


Well, this was rather nice. I'm still wondering what's up with that guard, though. He was a tough sonofabitch compared to what's usually hired by hospitals in Redmond. Hope TinyTim is content after this.