Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Total Eclipse of the Heart
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The Night Throne
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste
Brute Force
Bunga raya
Opposing Archer
Opposing Rigger


Runners are hired to return the adult son of an infected hunter family. The boy is actually running away to be with his vampire boyfriend. Runners help fake his death.


Yves, whose infected hunting family hails from France, was attending college in the UCAS. While there, he met and fell in love with Yoshi Arimoto, a vampire. Knowing his family would not approve, he ran away.

The Meet

They meet at the family estate located Seattle. They are set at a table where the Johnson explains that the boy has gone missing, and it is the runners' job to locate him and bring him back. He also notes that if the boy was killed, that they are to bring back his corpse. For this job, he will pay 10,000 nuyen upfront, and 10,000 additional on job completion. The runners agree, and are pretty sure he is just dead.

The Plan

They call up Amelie and Jean-Baptiste who indicate the true situation, that the two are in love and are trying to run away. The runners explain that they plan to help, if that is the case, and Amelie gives them a comm. The runners call up Yoshi, offering 'elopement services', and are invited over.

The Run

The runners gear up, fearing the worst, including that Yoshi and Yves will suspect and attack them, or that another runner team will be involved. The first part of the meeting goes well, as Yoshi serves them tea and they begin chatting and making wedding plans. Brute Force and Bunga Raya notice an arrow on its way through the window. Brute dives on top of Yoshi, the target, and takes the blow. Raya summons a spirit and has it capture the archer, but not until after the archer has set the couch in the apartment on fire. The team evacs to Legion's vehicle and take the unconscious archer with them. Kitsune uses mind probe and finds that he was only thinking about protecting Yves and stopping the vampire. Unfortunately, the team is followed by an enemy rigger. They try hard to get away, but the rigger keeps up. Raya sends their spirit to try and stop the vehicle, and Kitsune calls to report the vehicle as being the perpetrator of the fire. Legion deploys spike strips which causes the enemy rigger to veer off and crash into another vehicle. Legion feels bad about causing the crash, but the team escapes. They discuss with the couple how to best go about faking the death of Yves and where to hide them. Ultimately, it is decided to use Yves' jewelry with an identifying family crest, a gnawer corpse (obtained from Amelie) with the dental and other identifying items removed, and to send Yves and Yoshi to live under the protection of the Night Throne.

The runners return the obtained corpse with the identifying jewelry, and the bluff is believed.


Yves and Yoshi are scheduled to be wed on October 28, 2081. The family believes Yves is dead. The runners pay the opposing runner team to keep their mouths shut, who agree to it.


  • 16,000 Nuyen
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • An invite to the wedding (+1)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Brute Force

Report is no one died in that traffic incident. So, still a pretty clean run. I'm glad we were able to help these two find their chance at happiness. And I even still got paid! I can make rent for the month. Heh. Good run, folks. Glad to run with you all again.


It was a good run, we kept it clean... though I do feel terrible for causing a crash, I hope they're alright. But it felt good to bring two people together in love and happiness, would do so again.

Bunga Raya

Honestly, I did not expect my first run to be this good. I heard tales of western run to be more bad morally but it is nice to see that that is not the case.