Touch of the Tree

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Touch of the Tree
LocationThe Resonance and Dissonance Realms
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Dissonance
Oathbane "The Moth"(Dissonance Techno)
4 corrupted Fault Sprites
Casualties and losses
4 corrupted Fault Sprites, The Moth


Oathbane ventures into the Resonance Realms and has to find a Lost Member of 01


Ever since Oathbane died in Party Quarrel and came back thanks to regeneration, strange visions of Trees and strange yet familiar voice asks where she has been, came up.

The Meet

Oathbane figures that every Technomancer, at one point can attempt to Submerge and that determining the point at wich an individual is ready, varies from one person to another. So Oathbane takes the strange visions she has as the calling of the Deep Resonance. She knows that Night Claws(Contact) has the means to keep her body safe while her mind is wandering, so she calls him up and tells him that she feels ready to try her first submersion. NC prepares a Hospital Bed and lectures her about the dangers of the Deep Resonance, including the Event Horizon and offers her to take her to the Event Horizon.

The Plan

Oathbane accepts NC´s offer to go to the Event Horizon.

The Run

Oathbane enters the Event Horizon, thats shaped like a Fracturalising Tree, through a Door in the Tree. On the other side there is what looks like a Ballroom of a certain party that Oathbane attended, the day she fled and joined the shadows. As she tries to walk to the other side of the room to get out, her Brother approaches her and tries to convince her to stay with the family,asks why she left. Oathbane answers that she had to do it because her parents were exploiting her and her powers. Narrowly avoiding a confrontation with her parents who also spotted her, she manages to pass the Horizon and stumbles into a Forest. Eventually she mmakes it to another fractualising Tree, standing alone on a plain field. It tells her that it was afraid of her Icon dissapearing and reapearing, it knows it wasnt the regular loggin off and on, and since it doesnt know about the real world, it was confused. It also tells her that recently another "leaf" has lost connection to the Tree and wants her to check on it. She accepts and with a map given by the Tree, she ventures into the Resonance Realms in serch of that "Lost Leaf". After one day of walking she enters a deserted and broken City, Broken Haven. She notices a lot of small tainted sprites, hunting the shadows of the ruins. Half-way in, she realises that her presence has drawn a lot of attention and a lot of red eyes stare at her from the shadows. Narrowly avoiding an attack, she gets ready for combat and has a staredown battle with one of the sprites. As time goes on the sprite begins to become uneasy, scuttling around, yet maintaining eye contact with Oathbane. At this point Oathbane decides that she wants to try and establish a connection to the spite and slowly reaches out with her hand and tries to touch the sprite. The sprite lunges forward and scratches Oathbanes hand and screams, although Oathbane cannot hear the scream. Two more tainted sprites emerge from the Shadows and a quick skirmish is fought, in which Oathbane and her Faultsprite "Screamer" manage to defeat the three Sprites. The remaining sprites in the shadows now back off whenever Oathbane approaches. By the end of the Day Oathbane cleared the city wth the help of a Machine sprite which she uses as a Horse. After a quick rest Oathbane continues on her way. The further she ventures the more apparent glitches and a general feeling of unwellness is noticed and eventually she stands in front of a Gate. As she passes, she entes a Realm of Constant Glitches, the feeling of unwellness turnes into a strong feeling of being ill and the ground constantly tries make Oathbane sink in. She manages to venture forward, spotting ahead a very twisted and deforemd Sprite, she decided to sneak past the abomination, just to be almost spotted by it. Eventually she makes her way to a field on which a Mothman-Persona plays with a little ball. As she approaches the "Lost Leaf" the Persona picks up the ball and throws it to Oathbane wanting to play with her. As Oathbane catches the ball, she realises that the ball is some kind of Dissonance Code, as it burns in her hand, so she dropps it in time before the Code can take effect. Saddened by this the Moth-Persona asks why Oathbane is here. Oathbane explains her task and tries to convince the Technomancer to come back. After some discussion the Tainted Technomancer offers a deal, if Oathbane could win playing a game with him he would consider returning, but Oathbane believing that the Game wll be rigged in any possibl way refuses and so she has to battle "The Moth" and at the end kills him. At that point the Realm begins to stirr, Oathbane can now hear the screams of the Sprites and feels a sudden urge to continue killing, but refuses to follow this urge, at which point the attempts of the realm to drag her down become stronger and stronger, eventually she makes a desperate attempt to sprint out of the realm, falling unconscious just outside the gate. After recovering from this encounter she makes her way bac trough the city, this time without any interruption and reports back to the tree, which is sad abut that she didnt managed to bring back the Technomancer. Oathbane justifies killing them by saying that she cannot revert the effects of Dissonance. Before Oathbane leaves, the Tree leaves a gift for her, which turned out to be the Skinlink Echo.


Oathbane retuns to her Meat-Body and notices her new power. She gives 6k Nuyen to the NCL School as compensation. Somewhere a Dissonant Techo played their last game.


10 Karma, The Skinlink Echo and the Discout for Submerging.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Oathbane:I do not take any personal enjoyment from what I had to do it. was a necessary thing but at the same time I wish I could have done something better, I wish there was another way but sadly there is not and that is the cold truth.