Touristville Shootings

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Date: 2082-10-04 By: Live News Segment

11:58 PM, Monday. October 4, 2082

The segment opens to a male dwarf reporter standing in front of glimmering, holographic police tape.  The black uniforms of Knight Errant abound behind him, some standing watchful behind shields.  Beyond, the blue and red lights of medical vans pulse steadily.

"Harold Hoffman here, reporting for Horizon. I'm at the site of the shootings that have gripped Touristville. As you can see, Knight Errant has established a cordon around the crime scene, encompassing the 'Better Days' pedestrian market and surrounding buildings."

An off-screen voice interjects. "Harold, for our viewers just tuning in, has there been any update on the extent of the casualties?"
Harold Hoffman: "Yes, Dave. I'm afraid that one of the shooting victims passed away in transit. That brings the total to five dead and one in critical condition. We're awaiting updates from-"

Dave: "Sorry to interrupt, Harold, but it seems Knight Errant is making a public statement."

The scene cuts to a podium.  A human male stands behind it, his black uniform trimmed with formal flourishes.  It is a custom fit for his broad shoulders, a look enhanced by the polish of a peaked cap.  The feed is captioned 'Captain Jacob Kalowitz, Touristville Precinct.'  The transition catches him mid-statement.

"...capture of the principle person of interest at approximately 11:30 PM, an hour and forty-five minutes after the shootings. We have identified the man as Hamza Yildiz, Ork, age 64 and a SINless resident of Tacoma, Seattle."

A rotating mug shot inserts itself into the feed.  The ork in question is aged, with a receding hairline and shock white hair.  His features are cast in the unflattering glare of a police line-up, showing wrinkles, imperfections and the cracks in his tusk in high resolution.  He looks tired, captured in a wide-eyed, wild look.

A female off-screen voice calls out a question, presumably a reporter. "This is a remarkably swift resolution, Captain. Did the suspect turn himself in?"

Captain Kalowitz replies, "It was, and no he did not. We do efficient work down here in the Touristville Precint and we prioritize the safety of the public. Every resource on hand was put to finding the culprit behind these reprehensible shootings, and I am pleased to report that our boys in uniform served above and beyond in bringing him in so quickly."

Another reporter calls out. Male, older, gruffer voice. "Are there other persons of interest or suspected accomplices at this time?"

Captain Kalowitz replies, "Not at this time. We believe this to be work of a lone wolf, possibly laboring under yet to be identified mental health issues."

As a third voice begins to speak, the Captain lifts a white-gloved palm. "I'm afraid that will be all the questions for now. We will have a more complete statement for you in the morning."

The man behind the podium turns to the camera, "Citizens of Seattle, to say that these are troubling times is an understatement. With nerves already frayed by the incidents surrounding ACHE, I want to assure the good people of Touristville that KE has their back. In the wake of this horrific tragedy, the boys in black will be out in full force to keep the peace."

The Captain jabs a finger towards the camera, "For any criminal elements that are watching, be they gang members, terrorists, or runners - remember that Knight Errant never lets down its guard."

The segment transitions to a panel discussing SINless crime rates and issues of immigrant assimilation.