Trailer Park Boys

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Trailer Park Boys
Date15th - January- 2079
LocationPuyallup, Seattle Metroplex.
Result Physical infil of a trailer park and smashing of equipment and a chemist.
Factions Involved
Roller Raiders
Snake Eye's
A Stuffer Shack Employee
Graham Gangsters
Casualties and losses
Boxes of BTLs
A Hardware Workshop
A Chulo's Hands
A bird a hellhound ate.


A Neotribal tribe pushes drugs through the central Puyallup barrens, but they've been finding drugs as well as BTLs getting pushed through stuffer shacks managed by the cousin of a member of the Chulos, they reached out to a 'matrix wizard' they've done work with before and got a group of runners together.

Ricardo Perez recently received his new Aztechnology partial SIN as a part of his promotion to manager of three local Stuffer Shacks. He also needed cash to pay off his 25% tax to his corporate overlords, so he got together with his cousin to push Red Hots through his places of bussiness.


The Runners met The Goalmaster at a dive in southern Puyallup, an imposing man in sports gear, accompanied by two of his top men. Confused by why the runners didn't have a 'Matrix Wizard' the Goalmaster nevertheless began the meet. He offered the runners "40,000." The runners tried negotiating up, the Goalmaster offered to welcome the players through their territory and another 2,000 Nuyen worth of drugs.

They agreed, so the Goalmaster then showed the team the handyworks of the interlopers in the Roller Raiders' territory, handing over a California Red Hot, demanding they make it so the interlopers cannot operate in their territory, leaving the solution to the run open ended. As the meet concludes, they realized, they agreed to be given UCASD, as the Goal Master paid for his drink.


The runners realize that none of them have vehicles, and that Moose wasn't responding to DNI, because he did not know how DNI worked. They also realized, they all took a taxi to the run. After some banter, the team realized they had a BTL. They rolled some knowledge rolls and determined it was a California Red Hot on their hands, the Chulos are the big big red hot pusher, and that there's been some use of these around local Stuffer Shacks in Graham.

The team hit the ground, with thought recognition on the part of Snake's Eyes and some etiquette they managed to discern which shacks are pushing Red Hots. =SUM hits the stuffer shack host and an employee's comm slaved to it, seeing signs of the Graham Gangsters, who use modified comms to stake claim to this Stuffer Shack's host. At the same time his alarm goes off, indicating it's time to stream. While telling his fans all about the new update to Awakening 1949 (distracted penalty), he avoids the watchful gaze of the patrol IC, the Gangsters in the host to get the team what they need to do the groundwork.

They track down the vehicle used to transport the Red Hots and its owner, Ricardo Perez, the cousin of a mid level member of the Chulos and a manager of three local stuffer shacks. They waylayed him, moved his vehicle to a clearing outside of gang territories, intimidated him into giving up his cousin's operations and then there was a conflict about what to do with him. Snake's Eyes pulled a gun on the stuffer shack manager, Moose quickly knocked it out of his hand and talked him down, allowing the manager to go home, scared shitless.

The party cools off, taking a night's rest and going over the info gathered from Ricardo. They learned of the Chulos operating out of the Greenwood Trailer Park, a community out in the Zs recently taken over by the boys from Cal Free. They do some recon from afar, see people in the community going in and out of the park, kids playing, just staying away from the section the Chulos are operating out of, as well as smoke stacks, electrical cabling and the distinct aura of 2 hell hounds.

It was feasible for the party to have done some social infil to stake out the place, instead they went in physically with invisibility. The gangers were unable to see through the stealth and invisibility of Starfish and Moose, but one of the Hell Hounds began barking loudly, quickly the two physical infiltrators hid as a hellhound began to sniff for intruders. He quickly became distracted (on a glitch) by a bird. They realized they had three buildings with large electrical cables funneling towards them, so they called up their boy =SUM, who was very quickly dealing with stream drama and rumors of him using a prostitute, which was why he was so stressed lately. With a performance check he managed to calm the suspicions of his stream, then trace the icons of nearby BTLs. The physical infil team got in the trailer, smashed the chemist/artist's lab, broke his hands and arms, then stole their BTLs to fence them later.

They managed to message the J and after a few days to confirm the flow of BTLs has stopped the J agree to meet the team runner bar of the players' choice. The hand off went off without a hitch, as a probie GM, I didn't want to overplay my hand and give them more than 9 RVP, so I gave them the option of 1k NY from fencing their BTLs or 2k in drugs.


It was no longer profitable for the Chulos to operate in the Graham area, with a few of their boys getting into conflict with the Roller Raiders, they abdicated their trailer park.


5,0000 Nuyen, 3 Karma and player choice of 1000 Nuyen in fenced BTLs or 2k in uppers or combat stim drugs.

Goalmaster as a contact.

+3 Rep to Roller Raiders

Player Characters


I haven't had much dealings with the Haven lately. The first paycheck went to getting me an actual apartment which was nice. Now I just need to get back my wheels. Thankfully, a job came in that looked right up my alley. Beat up a few gangers, some them what's what and stop moving in on turf. Just some ganger drek down in Puyallup that isn't too deadly to anyone. We met at a bar, some boys from the Roller Raiders pile on in, wanting to know why our matrix guy isn't here. Some of the other guys start talking about computers and I gloss over for a bit. Money comes up and it is in UCAS, which ain't worth but half a nuyen but it is money so we take it.

We gotta take a cab, but our matrix guy is still trying to bail on us, so I force him to pick up the tab on the cab ride. He keeps insisting something about a DUI and matrix drek, so I guess he got in a drunk driving accident. Whatever. We go into a couple Stuffer Shacks to see the drek they are pushing, some chip that the apparently the Chullos are putting into their hands. We stake out one of them, and grab the manager. We bring him to an abandoned lot where we put the squeeze on him, but fragging Snake Eye's wants to cap him just because he saw us. With masks on! Without his commlink so he couldn't even do any matrix drek. He had already told us where we needed to go and who we need to rough up. I take the gun away from Snake Eye's in order to calm us down and we head home for the night because our matrix guy has a headache and Snake said I twisted his arm too hard. Whatever.

We arrive at the trailer park and Snake Eye's casts some invisibility spell on Starfish and I. I liked this much better than him pointing a gun at innocents and so the two of us sneak into the park, past a couple hellhounds. One of them spots Starfish on the astral and starts freaking out but a bird spooks him and he chases it instead. We make it to the door, still invisible and Starfish picks the door. We make it inside, knock out the maker of these chips, smash his stuff, smash his hands and grab whatever loot we can so that the supply of chips stops. We sneak on back out after a reminder to stay in their territory and we are golden. Made enough money to buy a new car, GMC Phoenix baby!


Snake Eye's