Troll Killer Killers

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Troll Killer Killers
LocationShining Glade Mall (Basement Parking)
Factions Involved
Hiro Shirokane
Troll Killers


Runners get hired by a mysterious Johnson cough to shut down a Troll Killers meeting and do so with some significant difficulty. This time the runners and KE work out an arrangement, and even though this fight takes place in the middle of Downtown, they don't get hassled, thanks to some dealmaking.


Evo wants to probe the ShadowHaven community and develop a workable professional relationship with it. To fabricate a mission to test their mettle and professionalism, they send them on a feel-good but fairly tough mission to throw down with the easily-hateable Troll Killers.

The Meet

The runners get pinged for a meet at dinner-time at the Big Rhino, an upscale ork-cuisine restaurant downtown with a lot of history as one of the main entrances to the underground. Met with a cordial oni and his two troll bodyguards, the team suffers a mild hit as Kost makes an unfortunate social faux pas, but this turns out not to matter overmuch. After ordering, they get to business. The oni's organization cough wants the team to take down a gang that'll be meeting in a specific parking garage at around 2-4 AM that night/morning.

When Kost asks a follow-up question, the J reveals the name of this gang: the infamous Troll Killers, a well-armed band of metaracists who have been laying low recently. Around 20-30 of them are to be expected. With ¥20,000 each on the table, the team feels comfortable enough to agree and get to eating the (pretty good) food on offer. While the J and his guards eat at a relatively leisurely pace, the team completes their meals, but new questions have occurred to them. When Kost shows some reticence to simply leave, the J interrupts his own meal to bring up some details he himself forgot to bring up earlier. The parking garage is an underground one, that of the Shining Glade Mall, and he has an access card that will let the team simply open the go-uppy go-downy thing so they can enter without difficulty. Importantly, the J wants this to be done entirely by the runners, although he's flexible as to whether these gangers should be simply 'removed' or they ought to be left to the police.

The Plan

Not knowing exactly where in the basement the gang meet will happen, Sinister, Burn0ut and Brick head to the park to check it out. Somewhat less crowded than usual, they get a good idea of the layout of the garage itself without entering the mall itself.

Kost calls up Harvey Sanders, who connects her to a contact of his, Hiro Shirokane, who works the gang unit Downtown. Somewhat suspicious of her offer to simply set him up with a free batch of captured gangers, Officer Shirokane nonetheless is ambitious and pragmatic enough to set her up with a few police microphones so that evidence can be gathered and he can pick up a few more juicy convictions.

As the team realizes the garage is crawling with cameras, they send many of their contacts after looper rounds, but none of them can grab them on such short notice. Desperate, Kost drives around the city in her Jackrabbit looking for them, and manages to find Looper Larry's Electronics Shack, "Where the Looping is Done". Grabbing fifty of them to distribute among the team, Kost arrives at the Shining Glade around 1:30 AM, with a little time to spare before the Troll Killers could arrive.

The Run

With the expenditure of a few loopers, the team sets themselves up in two teams, Kost and Brick alongside Burn0ut and Sinister on the 4th and 3rd basement floors respectively. As the gangers rolled in in five red and green Americars, they happened to group up quite near where Kost and Brick were. Using the police microphones to pick up their conversation, the two were able to gather enough evidence (alongside the clear physical evidence of their highly-deadly, highly-illegal weaponry) that they were comfortable moving in.

Sinister and Burn0ut got in closer, using more loopers to do so without being spotted by the cameras, then with Burn0ut resisting the urge to charge in, the team made their moves, the cram-charged gangers being surprisingly adept at not being caught off-guard.

The ensuing firefight was brutal but not particularly bloody. The team went non-lethal with Stick-n-shock, and only Kost's armour was light enough that she was taking serious wounds from the gangers' fire. After fighting through both a combat mage, a summoner, and the heavily 'wared ringleader, the remaining gangers despite their initial numbers advantage were easily pacified and restrained. Kost placed the call to the honourable Officer Shirokane, and the team managed to leave the garage and get in their cars without much interference from the KE cop who noticed them, thanks to some quick words from the genuinely-injured Kost.


At the debriefing meet at the Big Rhino the next morning, the Johnson expressed satisfaction and curiosity regarding the difficulty of the job. Suitably satisfied with the professionalism and skill of the team, payment was provided and the team were left to enjoy a leisurely brunch. Evo likes the cut of these jibs.


¥20,000, 6 Karma, 2 CDP. +2 Evo Rep / ¥20,000, 3 Karma, Hiro Shirokane (3/1), 2 CDP, +2 Evo Rep for Kost

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Job went a little messy for a while there, but we finished clean and got paid without issue. If this J is gonna keep paying for meals like that I'd definitely work for them again.


Ya know? Like, after the fact, that J was fishy as hell. Made some cryptic as fuck comment about how we felt like we measured up to the challenge. Pretty damn sure that asshole was finessing both sides no matter what he said... Whatever, dude's pay was good enough.


That shotgun hurt, and it is going to leave a scar. I don't know who this Johnson was, but I hope we left a good impression on them of the Haven. This seemed like little more than a test of the Havenites, which I think means more and more dangerous tasks may happen from them in the future. Also, I may need better armor in the near future.