Two days from hell

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Two days from hell
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
Factions Involved


Iceland, Ironclad, Relay and Roadie are hired to ruin a doc's reputation and a street gang's week.


I need some individuals with both subtle skills and combat prowess for a job. There will be pay.

The Meet

The meeting was scheduled for 6PM at a punk rock bar called The Daze. Ironclad and Roadie arrived 20 minutes early. Mr. Johnson sits at a back table large, mean looking trolls on either side. He’s clad head to toe with a mask and voice changer to obscure his identity. The two take a seat with Mr. Johnson, and ten minutes later Relay and Iceland arrive. A white noise generator and jammer are placed on the table, and Mr. Johnson asks the runners to take the job before details are given. A 14k nuyen fee is offered.

Roadie negotiates a fee of 16,000, and details are finally shared. A street doc has crossed Mr. Johnson, and so a two-part response is necessary. First, break into the doc’s facilities and replace his med patches with replacements from the suitcase. Second, hurt—but don’t kill—one of the local ganger groups that the doc works with.

The Plan

Mr. Johnson left, and the room was swept for bugs. The team—left with few details—drew any area maps available on the net and chiseled out a loose plan:

  1. First, utilize FlySpies to sweep the building as much as possible for layout, entrances and exits, and surveillance.
  2. Second, utilize Iceland’s stealth to infiltrate the office and bypass any sensors to replace the patches.
  3. Third, Use Roadie and Ironclad as strongarms to cause damage to the gangers, with Iceland and Relay as ranged support.

The Run

The exterior of the building revealed a single entrance with a camera above the door. Utilizing ductwork, the crew accessed recovery rooms, the waiting-room (noting the thermal sensor), and an examination room. One area of the office remained unscouted, and—by process of elimination—med storage must be located in that corner of the building. Using x-ray from outside the building, a rough layout of the hallway and storage closet, as well as what appeared to be a third sensor.

It seemed the stealth incursion would need a little grease, so Roadie and Iceland walked into the waiting room. A nurse brought Roadie back into the examination room, and he complained about his sleeping problems. Iceland broke away from their side on the way back to the examination room, bypassed the hardwired motion sensor, and dismantled the codelocked storage room door. She swapped the patches as per Mr. Johnson’s request, and Roadie sent her back outside so he could talk privately with the doctor about a medicinal solution to his sleep troubles. As Iceland walked back to the vehicles without being discovered, Roadie was given Zen for his trouble, and departed shortly after. He passed the Zen off to Relay, who pocketed a cheap bonus to the mission.

The crew then rolled immediately to ganger territory. Iceland utilized the firing stations from Roadie’s vehicle, while Relay swapped FlySpys for a RotoDrone armed with an Ares Alpha. Ironclad and Roadie charged in and broke their ranks, with the others aiming for shoulders, knees, and other bits. Ironclad slaughtered his first target on the spot and realized his claymore was entirely to likely to cause death. He swapped for shock gloves and boxing instead. Roadie never drew a weapon while breaking arms, and—at one point—making a concerted effort to beat a ganger with another ganger’s body.

When only two gangers remained standing in their home base, (and after a jaw-shot from a RotoDrone,) Roadie whispered that it was time for the last of them to stay down so they could run away. The ganger obliged after a fake punch, and the crew departed.


No known complications arose, and payment went through to the runners’ accounts.


  • 16k to each runner.
  • 1 Karma to all.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


First run in this neighborhood; I didn’t know so many people were still hand shakers—old school cool I guess. The Scotsman is a madman, and I swear that Roadie didn’t even try to avoid getting shot. Iceland’s in and out of things without being noticed…I’ve gotta remember that. And, let’s be real: Mr. Johnson is clever. I’m not sure there won’t be some kind of repercussion for ruining someone’s reputation out here like that…and I’m a little more wary of getting patched up now.


Nice, simple run, we have two new aditions to Haven and they are both competent runners, plus I got to talk shit with the *AHEM* "FOOOOOOKIN TWATTTTTTT" again, which is always fun in itself. my armor also performed admirably on its test run and I feel like I made a good investment, overall this is one those runs that help keep you sharp between the big ones.


Top squad, and a clean mission. Even better that we all had a nice civilised fist fight in the end, top lads...even if they brought machine pistols.


When someone points a motion sensor at a maglock, they must be really worried about someone stealing their drugs. After watching Roadie and Ironclad in a fist fight, I'm thinking, maybe I should get some meth... Good run.