Under The Bridge

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Under The Bridge
LocationOutskirts of Redmond
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Critters
Devil Rat


The team was hired by a sararyman to clear out a run down motel of squatters, but do it as peacefully as possible, before the wageslaves Corp. Demolishes the building with the squatters in it. The team of runners called in a favor, cleared out a new area for the squatters, and they peacefully settled into their new abode.


Yellowhat Constructions, a AA corp, has won a project, and the are selected for the construction was an old motel, that was devastated during the Night of Rage. However, recently, a group of squatters, with nowhere else to go, took up residence there. Initial Negotiations failed, as the PR representative sent to evict the squatters, was a self centered wage slave, and although he brought two bodyguards, (expecting minimal opposition). One of the squatters was a former veteran of the Amazonian War, and the three Corp. representatives had to retreat. The Corp decided to just set explosive charges and demolish the building in five days time. However Ardella Alosi, a manager of higher ranking, did not liked the idea. He mustered up enough courage to call one of his childhood friends, a fixer by trade, and they set up a meeting with a group of Shadowrunners, to help the squatters move, before blood is spilled.

The Meet

The runners arrived into The Daze before Mr. Johnson. Right on time, Mr. J Enters the bar. It is clear, that he is neither at home in such an establishment, nor he is an experienced Johnson. He However tries to appear professional, and the runners agree to the job, but as an added bonus, they can now have his commlink number as a Contact.

The Plan

The runners rent a motel near the area, and decide to find the squatters a new place, so they can ask them politely to move. Vic calls Warboss, one of his contacts, to see if he knows a place in the Ork Underground. While Warboss knew no such place, he did mentioned, that there's is a place in Redmond, frequented by his smugglers, where occasionally, packages, and couriers go missing. They wanted to check the place out for themselves, but he is willing to let Vic and the others clear out the place, and have it, but she will owe him. And she needs to guarantee that no more packages get lost in that area. They agree.

The Run

Twitch uses his drones to scout out the area. They find signs of a nest of devil rats in the garage, and on the top floor of the building, in the rooftop garden, he can clearly hear growling. The drones also find signs of the lost runners. Or rather the skeletal remains, and some torn packages. Later Twitch managed to figure out, that the growling probably originates from either a barghest, or a hellhound. The team sets up a sniper nest in a nearby building. Some squatters try to shake them down, but upon seeing Pell, and Vic, fully armed, and two large, armored drones, they decide against it, and the two runners were never disturbed again for the duration of the run. Hare, and Twitch landed on the roof garden, and started from there. Pell spotted a strange astral signature in the overgrown bushes. Thinking of it being a hellhound, Twitch tried to tame it, but the beast let out a piercing howl, revealing itself to be a barghest, and slowly walked out of the bushes menacingly...Then promptly got its head blown off by Pells sniper rifle. After securing the garden, the snipers were reunited with the rest of the team, and secured the top floor. They discover a panic room, with a working trideo set, that has ben replaying a scene from a remastered version of Jurassic Park over and over again. After that they go downstairs, and on a wall mounted comlink terminal, Twitch attempts to do something with the cameras, but his hacking attempts are thwarted by the outdadedness of the software. After that the team readied themselves to breach the garage, and the devil rat nest. Once kicking the door open, they find, that the rats herd them coming, and were preparing themselves for a fight, but the team made quick work of them, and sealed the nest up. After that, they approached the squatters, who were more than happy to relocate to the new area.


After sending a trideo feed of the squatters leaving, Mr. J paid the team their due. Vic and Twitch helped the squatters move, and even hacked the comlink terminal for them, discovering the history of the place, and even finding a deed to the house. The house was belonged to a wealthy stock broker, who was later killed, because he liked having a menagery, of dangerous animals, and one of his pet vipers bit him. They planned to auction the house away (hence the deed) But a week before that, the first Matrix crash happened, and everything related to the auction got destroyed, so the house is up for grabs.


6.0000 nuyen
6 karma
The ability to purchase Ardella Alosi as a contact.
One single smugglers package, that Vic managed to rescue, and return to Warboss
Twitch is now friendly with the squatters, and can crash at their place, but they will not help in a run. That would require more trust. (Place can be used for off-run RP purposes.)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Interesting run, this one. The Johnson was very green, and hired us because of his conscience. Met Twitch again. Clearing the house went very smoothly, which was nice. Speaking of the house, the history was very interesting, from what Twitch gleaned.

It’s a great feeling, helping people and getting paid.


It's nice having a job you can feel good about when you're done. Thank you, Pell and Vic, for keeping me safe from what turned out to be a Barghast. And Harebuck got me the contact and took out those rats with the rest of us. I like this Johnson. He seems like a good guy, so I'm happy to help him again in the future.


Evergreen reporting in, log number nine niner. Target was ultimately harmless, employer a greenhorn. Accepted out of common decency more than anything else. Had to sacrifice a favor for someone important to get the job done, which is going to be a problem in the future. Nothing I can do about that; did find a possible locale to move the resident squatters into. Former smuggling residence. Had to do cleaning of vermin. Reminds me of the Darkscape. Quick and clean work, done by the numbers.