Unwanted guests

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Unwanted guests
Part of The Farm and The Furious
LocationRedmond Barrens - Seattle
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses


Things are starting to look up for a small community in the barrens but some would be gangers are causing trouble, a team of runners is sent to show them the door.


The J is a local concerned about his community being targeted by gangers, he wants them gone before they actually become a problem.

The Meet

The team met in VR and after a brief introduction the J showed up, visibly nervous the team tries to get a bead on him, only to find a scared, young orc concerned about the people he cares about, he has almost no information besides the general area where the gang is normally seen and no money for payment, but offers the team a locked briefcase with faded Ares logo in exchange for their services.

The Plan

With little information on the small gang the team decides to hit the streets and see if they can find anything worthy of note, the first stop was a stuffer shack and after bribing the counter clerk, Koi managed to find out that a restaurant by the name of "The burger place" was being targeted.

Going to the burger place payed off as they caught three gang members attempting to get protection money, after a few taunts to get their attention the runners intimidated them into submission (who knew that an autocannon mounted on an APC would make for such a good argument!)

The Run

After getting information from the terrified trio, our heroes head straight to the gang´s hideout, making quite an impression as the front door was kicked out of its hinges and massive hole was blown in the side wall, there was barely any resistence as the thugs were caught completly by surprise and were either forced to surrender or knocked out with stick n shock bullets.


Leaving a drone to take care of the tied up gang, the runners loot the place, convince the gang to just leave this line of work and head out to turn in the job, the J was surprised and relived that the problem was taken care of without any casualities and invited the team for dinner, meals and drinks were had and time had come to open the briefcase, in it several documents regarding Ares´ supply chains and merchandise were found, this pay data was then sold for an additional profit.


6K Nuyen, 6 Karma, A safer neighborhood and a nice dinner

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


my first run in the Emerald city and ain't it nice that i helped make a positive change in it! Managed to save a lot of nuyen to by not needing to fire a shot. Being the big bad Oni with a AR seemed to be enough. I think I'll look to see if anyone is renting a place in this area, might as well set roots somewhere nice but also in my price range


This is my third green Johnson now? Was a “Working for the People” run, too. Still, it feels nice. Didn’t have to kill anybody too. I think I should help out in Redmond at this farm. Also hope those people clean up their act.


I'm glad we were able to help out the barrens, and even more so that I was able to pay my rent. I think I'll stop buy that place again for a meal, it was some good food. Glad I got to test out the assault cannon too. Too bad I missed.