Usagi Private Run

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Usagi Private Run
LocationIris Firmware R&D building
Result Usagi successfully escaped with the commlink and his life
Factions Involved
Iris Firmware
Lone Star
Casualties and losses
None 3 Iris Firmware security guards


Usagi woke up lost and confused in the middle of a false run ment to get him captured or killed.


An unknown person wanted Usagi dealt with permanently, so they set up a false run at an Iris Firmware R&D building to get him captured. They succeded by baiting him into stealing a prototype commlink that was rigged with a sleeping gas trap, but that failed, so he managed to get some distance before it triggered and knocked him out. He woke up during the search and after the building was evacuated and Lone Star rolled in to secure the perimeter.

The Meet

N/A - Usagi cant remember

The Legwork

N/A - Usagi cant remember

The Run

Trapped on the 6th floor, and surrounded by LS and Renraku corpsec, Usagi made his way through solving issues preventing his movement. Along the way he met an unaffiliated runner who happen to be doing a solo extraction at the same time. They had a short chat about the situation, and parted ways. During the final push out, Usagi jumped out a window, and tried to sneak around LS, when that didnt work, he tossed a smoke grenade into the crowd of workers and tried to pass it off as tear gas. Once the crowd went into a panic, he quickly abandoned his rifle, and blended into the crowd as another staff member. After a short chat involving some lies, Usagi finally escaped with his life, but missing a 30k rifle. Luckily Sony was trying to acquire that exact prototype, but due to the super short notice, they settled on trading Usagi a car for the commlink.


Usagi lost a rifle, Iris lost their prototype commlink, Sony got the prototype, Lone Star got embarrased, Renraku hates Usagi even more.


+2 karma

+Common Sense

+Jeep Trailblazer

-Ranger arms rifle

+1 rep with Sony

-30 rep with Renraku

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