Visions of the past, warnings of the future

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Visions of the past, warnings of the future
Part of When the hunters came to town
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste
Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch
John Baptise
Bilge-Rat Jones
Major Corp
Heart of the Tempest Character1
Casualties and losses


Mentions of Tempest's past lure her into a whole set of trouble that is nowhere near over.


Tempest awoke one morning to a call from a familiar contact. Sir Boris Aldrich Karl Von Altdorf of the Order of the Silver Torch, who informs her that a figure from Tempest's life pre-infection has returned. An unknown elven woman covered in a hood who simply stated it was imperitive that she see Tempest as Tempest's daughter was in danger. After hanging up the phone, Tempest decided it worthy to check out and headed to a run down motel in the Redmond Barrens.

The Meet

With countless thoughts swirling in her mind Tempest entered the run down and cheepily made bar vaguely illuminated by cheep neon lights. While getting an occasional glance or two, noone seemed too bothered by her presence. Eventually finding near the corner of the bar a strangely yet nicely dressed elven woman with neck length white hair and mismatched eyes. Escorting Tempest to a backroom hidden behind a sports poster. Once in there the elven lady reminded Tempest of who she was, the cousin of the woman Tempest once called partner. Further reminding tempest of how her daughter used to call her "Super Aunt" before Tempest became infected and forgot who she was. Shortly after explaining this Tempest was told that her former partner and daughter fell into money problems with the Vory and that they needed someone to meet with the Vory to leave them alone. Tempest accepted this job but not before the Elven Woman looked back at her, scorning her for "abandoning" everyone and headed out. Tempest then went back to her car, drove a safe distance away, and simply bawled at the flood of memories coming back to her. After an hour or so of this she steeled herself and headed towards the meet point given to her by the cloaked figure, thinking herself ready for whatever lie ahead.

The Plan

After exiting her car and arriving at the cheep looking motel, Tempest noticed the faint whiff of infected corpses and covered up tire tracks. Taking her usually concoction of drugs before walking into the parking lot. Despite being aware something lurked in waiting.

The Run

AFter she stepped into just the right position, a group of individuals got the drop on her. Sealing her inside 2 physical barriers and tossing flashbangs to disorient her. Her powers fading away as she was also hit by several purple lights emitting UV rays, causing her banshee powers to be registered mute. And from there the battle commenced. Two spearmen leaped fromt eh building to her right and simply waited as four armed marksmen to Tempest's left opened fire on the barriers, shattering them. But this gave time for the spearmen to strike at Tempest with their silver tipped spears infused with sunbeam. Becoming significantly wounded in the process. After running away from the barriers in question after being shattered and out of the ways of the UV lights eminating off of the hunters' armor and the lights attached to their guns, Tempest let out an immense wail paralyzing 2 of the 4 hunters and wounding the other 2. The spearmen hurt but seemingly unaffected. Then after another trading of blows Tempest recoiled on the ground as an unbenounced sniper off in the distance took aim and struck true. Gritting her teeth and letting her determination get her back up just as much as her regeneration she let forth one massive force ball on all of the surrounding hunter and elites, none of them surviving the blast. Quickly afterwards Tempest fled into a room in the motel. Slamming the door behind her she overheard a faint voice saying "agents down, bring in backup!" Promptly then blowing up the back wall, calling John Baptise for a ride out of there and speeding off anywhere but where she currently is.


In the aftermath, Tempest took a moment to recollect herself as her body mended the wounds caused by the hunters. Whilst in the car she recalled something she saw in the heat of battle. As the spearmen fell, on the inside of their coats was 3 letters "MSH." Unsure of what this meant she called up Boris, informing him of the trap much to his genuine shock. Himself unable to find out anything and apologizing profusely, he recalled vague information about them being a group of infected hunter from the CAS. But apart from that, next to no luck in obtaining information. Promptly after hanging up she remembered someone that may actually know something. Kate, a now fellow infected who once hailed from the CAS territory as a former Navy Seal. After regailing her with the information, Kate's heart sank to her stomach as she recalled what exactly the MSH was. The Metatype Strain Hunters. An elite group of infected hunters so skilled they are considered to be on par with a megacorp. Being formed and led by a legendary hunter that goes by the alias "Daybreak." Promptly informing TEmpest she needed a moment to get in contact with some people, Kate then called up her old accuaintance Amelie and informed her of the incoming threat. Kate also asking if she could be of any assistance in helping cover up Tempest's tracks. To help her stay safe from the incoming danger that was the MSH. Agreeing under the condition Kate come to visit once she was done taking care of the Rat problem. Telling Tempest to be safe before hanging up the phone. With the looming threat of the hunters Tempest called up Bilge-Rat Jones and informed him of her predicament and that she needed a place to stay and lay-low for a while. Agreeing to her terms Bilge-Rat Jones had his rats prepare a makeshift hammock out of clothes and rope for her to sleep as she entered the ship. Taking in the sights... and smells of her new temporary home. Wondering now with both horror and excitement as to the dangers these hunters possessed and whenever they would be arriving in full.


  • 20 Karma (20 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • Will to Live 2 (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

Helheim, that stings. The bastard hunters didn't even have the stomach for a proper fight against me, and got me in an ambush. Deliciously executed, I might add. But not enough to save them, heheheh. One must be always careful when hunting game, lest it be more than the trap can handle. There's more of them coming, and by Tyr, I will be ready.