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Part of Nightmare Mode
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares Macrotechnology
Casualties and losses

Blackfire Squad

32 Matrix Spiders (All attributed to Spider)


Runners were hired to investigate a grounded ARES ship believed to be holding a secret project on the shores of Madagascar.


An ARES container ship has grounded on the northern shore of Madagascar, ARES refuses to comment on the contents and has evacuated the locals for teams to investigate.

The Meet

Runners met an Ex-Firewatch Johnson in a bar who wished to know more about a grounded ARES ship that was is transit to Diego Garcia from the Mediterranean before beaching on the northern shores of Madagascar. ARES refused to comment so Runners were sent to investigate and return with photos, recordings and other such evidence and to destroy whatever was being carried on the ship. Runners were given a plane to transport themselves an an Ares Roadmaster to Poland where they took another plane over Madagascar.Runners were offered 30k nuyen in advance for the job.

The Plan

The group would fly over the island to allow themselves and the Roadmaster to use parachutes to reach the objective on the shore. Legion would be piloting these vehicles with Spider giving Matrix support. The group would drop near the site and investigate the wrecked ship collecting any evidence and destroying any hostiles.

The plan changed when the contents (Project Kali ASTARTES 1-7 Super Soldiers) had grown a conscience and wished to escape the island. The group decided to help them exfil using the plane provided to the Johnson to return to Seattle while battling ARES forces.

The Run

The group began their flight over Madagascar in a Cold-war Soviet era cargo plane in a storm which forced them to begin flying at a lower altitude so that they could drop towards the objective. The plane came under fire from gauss and missile fire which was at first suspected to be ARES crews. K9, Hydro and Voiceless decided to jump first as Legion, Spider and Pell kept with the Roadmaster. K9 landed in an old ARES encampment that was destroyed and littered with corpses, Voiceless dropped right next to the objective and Hydro landed north of the objective. Shots were fired and dodged though eventually the wing of the plane was blow off, though it was kept under control long enough for Spider, Legion and Pell to evacuate in the Roadmaster which landed on the shoreline near an evacuated village.

Hydro and Voiceless convene to investigate the ship. The ship was littered with deformed corpses though they find tubes with people floating in them and information on Project Kali which created ASTARTES Super Soldiers which were tactically-linked to each other. Hydro dug deeper and found that the soldiers were created to work alongside a Project Jormungandr and that several were made and 7 escaped while the rest died or stayed in their stasis. A test was done on one of the soldiers where Spider hacked into their tactical-interface, the remaining soldiers seemed linked as they all opened their eyes and she could see through them. Hydro and Voiceless saved this data and moved to rejoin the others before the ARES Navy arrived and bombarded the shore. It was here via the notes of the Head Doctor that we had learned that the Project Kali soldiers had developed sentience.

The others in the Roadmaster (Legion, Spider and Pell) continued to move along the shoreline as Spider accessed the host of the old ARES encampment where K9 had landed. Without us noticing the 7 ASTARTES (AR1 - AR7) had surrounded the Roadmaster stealthily in a near-perfect semi-circle. They did not engage, but began messaging Spider, they asked us who we are and why we were there. We were honest with them, and eventually learned that they didn't want to work for ARES who had "violated their mission" and instead wanted to start new lives. We agreed to help them.

The ARES Navy arrived and sent a Blackfire team to chase us. With the help of the ASTARTES they were quickly dealt with, we narrowly escaped the barrage from the Navy as Spider attacked them and their spiders over the Matrix. The group fled to an airstrip where a plane was waiting for the group to return.


The seven (7) Project Kali ASTARTES were safely extracted from Madagascar and brought to Seattle to start the new lives they wanted.


- 30k Nuyen

- 2 Karma

- 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I felt that my contribution wasn't as much as I usually do, but I'm glad that we were able to help these people regain some control of their lives.


I must say flying planes again after all this time was good fun! Even if the winged bucket was ancient! I was more than happy to help them, they just wanted a new life and it is heartwarming that we could guide them to it.


I feel kinda bad for shooting the guy but, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Glad to see that the field test of my new ware went well, that was a heavy machine gun barrage I took, and without a scratch!


Well, I certainly wasn't expecting "sapient cyberzombie supersoldier with a conscience" when I first heard what black projects ARES has been up to. Heard they were thinking of opening a bakery here. Hope they like Seattle.


I'm not sure we did the right thing, here. Well, at least I didn't do the right thing. I murdered all those spiders...