Waterfront Security

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Waterfront Security
Waterfront Base.png
Location CreatorSilasBane
ArchetypeFake Front
MetroplexDowntown Seattle
Background Count3


Relay's base of operations is a staple for many of the ShadowHaven runners. The garage plays home to Helper I, and the armory is the domain of NoirBot.

Waterfront Base.png



The outside of "Waterfront Security" is a corrugated metal building with old neon signage spelling "Wat fr nt Securit " There's an oversized garage door, tagged a dozen times with various graffiti and a bar-covered set of double doors that are tinted dark enough that you can't see inside. Out front, a cracked and worn parking lot plays home to a car that has long since lost its wheels.


When you push past the two sets of blackout doors, you walk into a small southeastern sitting area with a rest room. The seating area features a low, comfortable grey couch and loveseat, a white coffee table with coasters, and the area faces a wall decorated by the trideo projector above.

Bar and Food

Through a wide door to the left, a large bathroom with a second sink for accessibility is available for guests. Straight ahead, you walk into the large planning space. To the left, a small bar with stools is available for guests. To the right, a sort of break room area with a table, countertop packed with small baskets of snacks, and a refrigerator allow teams to refuel and refresh

Staging Area

To the north east, a raised platform with a large planning table flanked by rolling chairs provides the primary staging area. A large map of Seattle adorns the eastern wall of the planning zone, while a row of one-way tinted windows gives access to the waterfront outside through steel bars.

Just to the south of the digital map, a blank wall reveals two AR portraits if you're logged into your ShadowHaven app:

King Beef.JPG Vicport.png
King Beef Vichnozeleny
June 4th 2082 August 29th 2082
Doing king shit. Saving the world.


Just west of the planning area is a large armory with a plexiglass wall to the base itself. The armory is maintained by NoirBot, an AnthroDrone. Both the door into the garage area and the door into the main base are locked at all times. Beside the armory is a small storage closet with planning materials, duffel bags, cleaning materials, and a tub of shirt-making materials for Helper II.



South of the storage and armory through another glass wall is a small gym with lockers for guests, punching bags, a treadmill, and a bench press. The gym has an attached bathroom and shower.


The western half of the facility is taken up by a large garage. This houses a set of lifts to stack multiple vehicles in the same footprint. This area features two sets of double sliding doors into the facility and large garage doors to the north and south. A dodge scoot sits parked by the door to the armory.

The garage lift currently contains:

Left Bay Center Bay Right Bay
Top Bay Honda Artemis (KE Patrol Car)
Bottom Bay GMC Armadillo GMC Universe (Ambulance) Ares Road Master (SWAT)


Behind the facility is a ramp from the garage into the water, and a wet dock with the following vehicles docked:

  • Aztechnology Nightrunner

IC Information

Notable Associated Characters


Relay owns and operates the Waterfront Security building through a false ID.


Babylon was a frequent guest; if you see robots painting on the floor, it's because of her.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Several generic firms across many English-speaking areas utilize the name.
3 At this time, Waterfront Security is not taking new clients. (Seattle location.)
6 Washed out security firm closes its doors. (Seattle location.)

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 You do not recognize that name.
3 While you vaguely remember the name, you have no recent memory of Waterfront Security trucks or vans throughout the city.
5 Waterfront Security is located in the Interbay area, which is one of the least secure areas in the district.

Runs Featuring This Location

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