Wave Racers

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Wave Racers
LocationThe PAcific Ocean
Trash Panda
Russian Smugglers
Casualties and losses
3 boats full of dudes


The team is hired to extract a high value individual who is being held by a team of smugglers.

The Meet

The team shows up to the meet and the job is explained to them. The team is a little unsure about the job, but is a little more eager when they are offered a whopping ¥300,000 operating budget, as the Johnson understands an operation at sea will be difficult without gear your typical runner won't have. The Johnson also wants someone in command taken as well, so that they can be questioned.

The Plan

Trash Panda immediately becomes obsessed with the idea of using her Shapechange spell. It's her favorite spell in the world and she tries to work it into runs wherever possible. She thinks cutting holes in the ship will cause enough of a distraction to allow the team to accomplish their goals. When Hound points out that there are welders that work underwater and Trash Panda learns that the Krake, an underwater squid drone, has one of these things on it, the team for whatever reason decides to allow Trash Panda free reign at coming up with another crazy plan which shouldn't work, but somehow does. Seriously why do people keep letting her DO this drek?

Z3K3 does some research on the smugglers, and finds they have 1 main ship, and 2 support boats. The plan comes together thusly:

Tanuki gathers a wishlist for a modded Aztechnology Nightrunner and a Proteus A.G. "Krake". The idea being that the team will approach the boats from the Nightrunner, use a long data cable on a spool so Tanuki can direct connect to the Krake, and then use the welder to start cutting holes in the ship.

While this is going on, Trash Panda will be shapechanged into a Shark and Hound will be shapechanged into a Killer Whale, with the help of a favor from Trash Panda's contact Ariel Lopez to ensure his body score is high enough for this. This pair will be focused on defending the Krake, and ensuring that any support intended to protect the main ship is met with opposition.

While that distraction is going on, Z3K3 will be hacking the systems of the support boats to hinder their ability to assist, hacking the boats to be stuck in a reboot loop.

All of the above is to serve as the distraction so Boombox can slip on the ship, knock out the captain, throw them overboard to the underwater team, and then grab the extraction target and dive off with them to return to the Nightrunner, which will then take off at full speed.

The Run

Everything goes... Surprisingly smooth. The smugglers are unprepared for their boats to be torpedoed from underwater. The Krake hits the main ship with an acidic foam torpedo, which starts eating through the hull, and then immediately sinks one of the support ships. Trash Panda orders her spirit to find the smugglers mage and take them out, ensuring the protection of Ariel Lopez, who really didn't want her astral signature spotted by a bunch of Russian smugglers. The resulting mage fight ends up lasting longer than the entire rest of the run because somehow none of the involved parties could actually hit anything for multiple combat rounds.

As Boombox is getting the captain, smugglers start piling into lifeboats from the sinking support ships. Trash Panda zaps them with a Lightning Bolt, which proves super effective when attacking aluminum boats in the water. Hound uses his massively buffed agility to try and take out one of the boats, and gets shot. As the underwater team is dealing with the men with guns, Z3K3 is dealing with the other support ship, and Tanuki torpedoes it for good measure. Boombox finds the captain, and takes him out, then tosses him overboard for Hound to take back to the Nightrunner.

With most opposition dealt with, Boombox has little trouble finding the extraction target, and gets him safely off the boat. The team actually manages to recover the Krake, and takes a short moment for Trash Panda to scrub her signature before they take off.

Trash Panda's spirit finally kills the mage, and leaves, its service completed.

The Nightrunner is modded to be way too fast to be caught up to by the smugglers, who have plenty of bigger problems to worry about after the attack.


  • ¥40,000 in gear OR ¥20,000 cash
  • 5 karma

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