We Trusted but Something Has Gone Wrong

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We Trusted but Something Has Gone Wrong
LocationRedmond Barrens, Seattle
Result Horizon Plant from the Tattered Black Flags was killed by the runners in at local street doc.
Factions Involved
Horizon, Troll Killers, Haven Team, Ana Avery Tattered Black Flag, Voxel, Marionette, and Lycaon
Commanders and leaders
Ana Avery, Horizon Stephanie Mullins, Tattered Black Flag
Casualties and losses
Ana Avery, Haven Decker, Haven Black Mage None
KSAF has a video of the fight as well as her running away, being caught and killed.


During the events of The Pain, Disorder, a Cataclysmic Dawn, it was discovered that the Horizon second-in-command was a Horizon plant that was feeding information about their plans out into the world. They were outted by a KSAF story and they have been following her as soon as they dropped the story with a rigger following her location at all times in order to keep updates related to her. She has finally found a group that will house her in the Troll Killers and Stephanie wants her dead.


The Runners meet at a run down block in the Redmond Barrens that is full of anarchist symbols and people openly tooting guns and enjoying themselves. They are brought upstairs to Stephanie where she tells them that Ana is a traitor and that she wants her head. All that she knows is that the rank and file don't know about it too much, and that she is somewhere still in the Barrens talking to the other gangs in the area. She promises 18k Nuyen for her head.


The Runners start by doing a matrix search on Ana Avery while sending out pings to their contacts. Marion talks to his infobroker who tells him rumors that Ana has been seen going through to all the different gangs in the area, trying to get their favor, but no clear evidence of where she ended up besides one of the less metahuman friendly gangs. Lycaon and Marion then went into the Barrens to rough up some of the gangers in the area, finally determining that she was posted up with the Troll Killers. Meanwhile, Voxel was doing searches on the Matrix trying to figure out more information about where she could have gone and where her trail was. He managed to find several posts that were being quickly deleted by Horizon of a KSAF report that had a drone following Ana around the Barrens, while Ana's hair style and appearance changed as she went around from gang to gang. Marion and Lycaon went to scope out the location of the Troll Killers hang out spot in the Barrens but found the location to be rather understaffed. As they waited, they saw that a group of 6 gangers were leaving as a group of 6 were arriving who immediately went to the bar. They were preparing to go and follow the car when Voxel got back to them with the results of his matrix search. He had found her final location, a No Tell Motel that was being guarded by the Troll Killers. He also managed to find out that she had definitely pissed off Horizon and their only support was going to be a Haven runner team that responded to the post he had saw on the Haven, a black mage, a street sam, and a decker. He also was able to determine the Ana was a mystic adept.

The Runners doned their FBA and approached the location. They snuck onto the site, quickly took out two gangers that were outside keeping watch. As they fell, the Black Mage from Haven team stepped out, offering them money if they were willing to stand down and leave them alone. They quickly geeked the mage as any good runner team does and then proceeded to fight. The enemy gangers were rather ineffective against them, the runners only serving a bit better. It was the enemy mage's spirits and mind mage that made the runners really worry. Lycaon was having his actions controlled while Voxel took care of the enemy decker shiftly with his sprite and Marion was almost knocked out by his own stun grenade and Lycaon's fire. Marion knocked out the Street sam, and then used ex ex to blast through the wall after the decker told him that the mage was hiding in the locked room. Very dead, the runners took off her head like they were asked, and they placed it in a box for their Johnson. They leave, feeling proud of a job well done. When they arrive at the TBF, though, Stephanie informs them that the head is not Ana's. While it looked like Ana before, it had since changed its appearance and looked like the Black Mage who originally stepped out. They realized that they had been tricked and they rushed back to the Motel as quickly as they could. When they arrived, she was already gone.

They found the body of the decker dead on the ground and they determined the cause of death to be narco overdose. The Haven Street Sam was standing them telling them that he didn't remember anything. He stood there blanking staring at his comrade who was gunned down. The Runners quickly knocked him out as well as the two other gangers were in the area. They made sure that their appearance in did not change. Lycaon in the meantime found a trail of blood that was leading away from the scene. The Runners tracked the blood to a low quality street doc where they barged in, went to the room of that Ana was laying in, bloody and bruised and shot her three times in the chest. They brought her head back the Stephanie and she confirmed the kill, giving them their money.


The Tattered Black Flags are now fully free of their leash and they have gotten their revenge. KSAF posts a video of the fight between the Runners which is deleted and sniffed out by Horizon, but it still raises eyebrows of those that are on the look out for the stuff. Horizon is displeased they lost a body snatcher. They need to find another group to stop the Tattered Black Flag and whatever crazy plan they have in store.


18000 Nuyen and 5 Karma 1 Public Awareness +2 Rep TBF -1 Horizon

Player Characters



Dogman! I remember him. Great guy, and hell of a tracker. Should've expected it, really. Had to confront some bloody runners that were holing up some horizon dreklord for being a traitor. Trivial to track the amateurs, and we made swiss cheese of the place when they wouldn't give up. Breech and cleared, took out the mark. Bit of a hiccup when it turned out they're made a switch and masked it. Managed to find her head, thankfully.