Wednesday Night Wash

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Wednesday Night Wash
Part of It's Always Wednesday in Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Trash Panda


Trash Panda, Reiko, Strawberry and Relay head to a street clinic to fix a K10 mess caused by another team of runners.


Previously, another team of runners, including Relay, had replaced a street doc clinic's stim patches with patches containing K10. Gangers then showed up, got treated with the K10 patches and went berserk.

The Meet

The runners meet with the Johnson at a bar in touristville. He tells them about the situation and sends them off.

The Plan

Trash Panda, knowing the detox spell, realized it was possible to stop the berserking gangers without killing them. It was decided the runners would knock the gangers out, and once they were all down Trash Panda would detox them, healing them first if necessary.

The Run

The runners entered the clinic and swiftly knocked out all 7 afflicted gangers. Trash Panda then healed all the gangers who had taken physical so they wouldn't die when they got detoxed, then detoxed them all. The team noticed there were some regular patients in the clinic that had K10 patches used on them as well, thought they had already crashed and didn't need to be detoxed. The runners met back up with the Johnson, who paid them and gave them some of the K10 slap patches, which the runners quickly disposed of.


A few gangers were saved from dying to K10 and a box of K10 slap patches were burned to a crisp.


10k nuyen

4 karma

2 cdp

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was a fairly simple run, but that's nowhere near a bad thing. I don't understand why anyone hire someone to swap out stim patches for K10 though.


Alrighty--so apparently we got a bunch of people hooked on K-10 the other night. From the bottom of my heart I say: that's our bad. BUT, on the plus side, I got paid to rough up a bunch of gangers to make sure they get zerked on K-10 and then I got paid to knock the SAME DUDES out again and help Trash Panda swoop in to cure their addiction. So...stacks on stacks. But--seriously--that's probably on me. Morally grey territory maybe.


That went well! I mean, dealing with that guy who I just couldn't knock over was a pain in the ass, but at least none of ours got hurt. Good thing we spotted that the docs had been using them on the regular patients, too.