Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 2)

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Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 2)
Part of sequel to Which Witch Wishes Witches Well (Part 1)
Result Successfully stopped Salvador Pittman, thus ending the threat on Juniper Jones' life.
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Creedus Maximus
Salvador Pittman
Commanders and leaders
Juniper Jones
Casualties and losses
Salvador Pittman


Juniper Jones a talismonger hires shadowrunners to track down and stop who ever is posing a life threat to her.


The meet happens at the Wicker Wicca.


The team tracks down the dwarf from the previous run and gather necessary information. Then tracks down Salvador Pittman to his home. A fierce combat break outs ending in Pittman's demise at the hands of the runners.


Pittman's demise stopped the Creedus Maximus' efforts to track down and kill Juniper Jones.


14000 nuyen, 2 karma, 4000 nuyen worth of talismongering supplies. Juniper Jones as a contact

Player Characters



Rabbit bought critter power: Regeneration


Yokai bought positive quality: Too pretty to hit

AAR: Some witch hired me to track down an "evil entity" thats been looming doom over her and she feels like hr life is in danger. She pointed me towards some spy who was keeping tabs on her before. So I went upto his office and probed his mind well enough to know what was going on. Apparently some Salvador Pittman put him up to this, and offered him the carrot of Creedus Maximus membership. It took a while but I tracked down Pittman to his lodge, blew up the lodge and killed everyone inside with extreme prejudice. Job done.