Wilt Thou Lift Up Olympus

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Wilt Thou Lift Up Olympus
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Result Booby trapped boardroom in Ares Macrotechnology Downtown Facility
Factions Involved
Ares Security forces The Hurricane, John, Firebug, Kris
Commanders and leaders
Kyle Bradmine


Kyle had been getting some posturing from some people that he believed to be bugs in Ares which he found very rude because he had done nothing but been helpful when they had paid him and had only stood in opposition to them when it was fun or he was paid to. Very unprofessional. So he gathered the names of four people who seemed to be at the root of a lot of the issues and decided to have them all killed on the Ides of March. So he called together a team of runners to set up the trap so there would be no records of it within Ares in order to set them off or give them reason to be suspicious.


The Runners were pulled in from across Seattle with the promise that they were going to be gathering supplies for a party and then decorating for a party. The Runners were asked to meet at a mall in Everett, a B level area that was full of very ordinary people and wage slaves. They were told to meet at an ice cream parlor named Swirlies by their mysterious Johnson. Firebug and Kris showed up early to patrol the place, only noticing each other and ordinary people. Firebug was uncomfortable with all the salespeople and Kris was uncomfortable with people’s dogs and wore a gas mask to alleviate the allergy. John and Hurricane showed up as well and all convened at an ordinary ice cream when the Johnson showed up looking like a 1950s greaser with music constantly playing. The Runners were given their favorite type of ice cream and then went to an arcade where the tokens that he gave the Runners contained all the information for the meet. John played air hockey with Kyle, Hurricane played a power punching game, Firebug played a precision punching game, and Kris played an FPS. All performed better than the typical people in the arcade, impressing the little kids and the stoners who were there. Hurricane got a sticky hand which he used to annoy John and Firebug gave her tickets to the stoner kids. Kris received a ring that glowed, and gave it to the stoner kids who were rather entranced with it.


The Runners were given an extensive amount of information about the target from their Johnson which included almost anything they could ask for. They decided to have Hurricane and John go in and pretend to have a press conference, but Hurricane’s promoter would only do it in exchange for him throwing a fight so Hurricane called in a favor from Kyle in order to change who his promoter was. His new promoter, a brass dwarf named Andrew, was a gruff an tumble man who did not like his old promoter at all and was perfectly happy to steal away one of her fighters. Firebug transformed into a small animal to sneak in a biofiber pocket and John was a tech guy who carried in a bag full of drones in order to get them inside for Kris to control.

As Hurricane made an ass of himself by being himself and John attempting to smooth things over, Firebug and one of Kris’ drones started setting up traps. The guard rotations didn’t manage to see them, nor did the watcher spirits, but one of the riggers noticed Kris’ radio signal to the drone and they sent security in order to determine what was up and Kris speed on off in order to not be caught, while Firebug and Kris’ drone managed to set up all the traps before guards investigated on their end. John met the guards who were investigating the matter and while John managed to convince him, got a pistol whip to the face to thank for it. The Runners left the Ares building, with a job well done and a celebration to look forward to.


There is a booby trapped boardroom on the 13th floor of a Downtown Ares building, and there is a meeting set with four persons of interest to Kyle all going to be in attendance.


30k ares swag or 14k nuyen, 4 karma

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