Yacht do you want?

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Yacht do you want?
LocationSan Fransisco
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Guillermo Rodriguez
Major Corp


Wife takes nearly everything in divorce settlement, man just wants his yacht back.


Amidst a court battle in San Francisco, the court had deemed nearly all of the Johnson's possesions would go to his wife when they divorced. Wanting SOMETHING from his former wife back, he offers a reward to any runners who would head out to retrieve his Yacht from one of docks in San Francisco.

The Meet

Janus and Oathbane were called in the early hours of the morning by their respective Johnson's, each being informed of a job that would take them to the coastal city of San Francisco in the California Free State. Both of the runners agreeing to the meet up at the Daze at around 9 AM. Which is strange... given the usual hours of the Daze's operation being night time. The runners entering noticed only janitors, a pissed off Pixie bartender, and a defeated looking half orc eating scrambled eggs and drinking a Mamosa. After being escorted to the back, he informed the runners of his marriage trouble and how his now ex-wife took next to everything in their divorce settlement. After consoling the man he relayed how he desired to at least get back his priorly owned yacht and that he had contacts that would be willing to help with the job. Offering 12,000 Nuyen upon completion, a suprisingly easy negotiation later the pair raised the offer to 18,000. Bidding the man fairwell, the pair readied themselves for a long road trip. Passing both borders with little to no problems, they saw the bustling large city before them ready for the job at hand.

The Plan

The runners after a long and tiring car ride looked around for a bite to eat as well as a place to plan their next move. After some searching the two headed towards the Rainforest Cafe. A resturaunt/bar that was once owned by the Disney Corporation before being bought by Horizon. Oathbane after being seated decided to search the matrix for clues and ready themselves for when the time came. Heading to the location left by the Johnson on the Matrix, Oathbane was met with a decent but still hackable defense system. After hacking and getting a hit on the host, she simply made it appear as if the two were "on the list" so to speak and were allowed entry to an investigation. After re-emerging from the matrix, Oathbane had a realization. They were unprepared and unequipped to deal with any Astral security measures that may be present. To counteract this fact, she contacted her brother, a spec-ops Aztechnology Team Leader named Guillermo Rodríguez. After typical sibling banter between the two, Guillermo agreed to send over a water spirit to assist in her venture. After agreeing on a plan of attack, an unexpected ally reered his head. Shlice, a well known runner amidst the Haven was currently vacationing in Seattle at the time sitting at the bar not too far away from Oathbane and Janus. The two approached the braggart drunk offering him a job for some nice pay. Once Shlice's pint was finished, he eagerly accepted and the three headed towards the docks ready for the dangers ahead.

The Run

The three runners approached the docks, ready to talk with the Orc gatekeeper that blocked their way. While all seemed good at first, an initial failed scan of Janus' fake SIN lead to some brief red flags and slight suspision as the three headed foreward. Shlice acting as their "bodyguard" so he may keep his equipment. The Water Spirit managing to slip past the ward and 2 guardian spirits at the front gate. However the spirit was then sadly caught by other guardian spirits that patrolled the docks. With little time on their hands the runners prepared to hop aboard the boat and speed off towards their destination. But not before a radio signal reached the orc security lady causing her to grab her helmet and rush the three runenrs currently boarding the boat. With a near miss and multiple spirits making themselves known, the runners sped off on the Johnson's yacht. While Oathbane drove the watercraft, Shlice and their friendly ally water spirit taook care of an enemy Water Spirit that lept onto the boat. But the fight was not done as 3 more water-y assailants made their way onto the vessel ready for combat, with the security lady in hot pursuit aboard her own jet ski, being hit with a javelin thatnks to Shlice. the two runners aboard the deck fought with all they had against the water spirits, their friendly spirit sadly falling in the process. Though in their favor, it took only a brief dataspike from Oathbane to down the persuing guard. As the battle continued the two runners aboard deck gave it their all and with one final clean slice, the water spirits were dispersed. A brief call later to a crooked cop to make sure local law enforcement wouldn't be hot on their tail, they headed towards Angel Island for the meet.


Upon arriving at Angel Island, the runners were greeted by Yakuza gang members who offered a new ride for them to escape the eyes of law enforcement. Some patch work and med kits later, they were ready to head off. Eating a nice and well prepared seafood dinner as a little cherry on top after their whole ordeal. Though another call with Guillermo lead to some interesting developments. Apparently Azttechnology has been interested in some going on in San Fransisco. And even stranger... why was the security at that random dock so high? The runners today may not know, but who knows what the future may hold.


  • 12,000 Nuyen (6 RVP) + 6,000 from negotiations. (18,000 Total)
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)


  • Data Processing for Oathbane (8 RVP)
  • Instinctive Hack for Oathbane (2 RVP)
  • Indomitable (Social) for chargen (8 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Janus: "I really do need to invest in some form of spirit protection...or at least some kind of detection? Luckily, my reflexes are as sharp as ever. Perhaps the dock's enhanced protection was part of why Mr. Yesterday wanted me on this mission? He doesn't seem the type to take an interest in marriage disputes. Further investigation warranted."

Oathbane Stealing a boat from a greedy wife and getting to shut down someone and get away with it