You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

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You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
GMVideo Teksura
Factions Involved
El Ellie


Ace Powers of HBI 48 is pushing El Ellie into moonlighting as a runner, because Runners are HOT right now and when rumor gets out, her popularity is going to go THROUGH THE ROOF.


Ace calls Ellie into his office. He's got a big idea to help her carrier. Battle Idols are good, but Shadowrunners are gonna be BIG again real soon. All the data backs this up, public interest in romanticized Shadowrunners is on the rise. Ace proceeds to talk his client into taking up jobs as a runner. Easy stuff. She won't have to go kill anyone or anything, can't damage that image. But when she goes and does this, he'll let just enough rumor leak out of what she does to grab public interest and intrigue juuuust as Shadowrunners start to become big again. Ellie gets talked into it, and takes an invite to a meet with a Johnson.

The Meet

At the meet, Ellie meets up with Hound, Leader, and Shlice, rounding out a solid team. Mr. Johnson is a fairly important person in the Italian mafia. He claims that a painting of his was recently stolen, and he knows who took it and merely wants it back. He's not bothered by the method. To help the team, he offers them some invitations to a party the thief is holding at their place where the painting is kept.

The Plan

The team works out a plan to have Ellie distract everyone with Enthralling Performance, and meanwhile the rest of the team uses the distraction to take the item.

The Run

Everything goes as planned, with Ellie convincing the host to allow her to sing, and to use the sound system to perform for the party. Right up until halfway through Ellie's performance, Leader sends a distress call warning Ellie that they were spotted by a security mage. The runners go dark, and Ellie breaks off her performance faking a plausible excuse. She hurries off to seemingly take care of herself, and finds the Lone Star security mage smugly holding the team in custody, having taken them out through a combination of high force spells, and an army of bound spirits.

Ellie starts talking to him, and makes use of her Commanding Voice power to eventually convince the guard that he should let them go, as they've suffered enough. He realizes that it's just way too much paperwork to have to deal with this, and besides they didn't get away with anything. Ellie then convinces the mage that as a reward for a job well done kicking them out, he should come see her perform. The rest of the team pretend to leave in a hurry, but return while Ellie puts on a second performance, keeping the security mage enthralled. The team gets away with the painting, with Ellie following after her song.


The team meets up with the Johnson and makes the exchange.


  • 22,000¥
  • 2 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

El Ellie

My First run, it went off amazingly without a hitch! My team started a fight which was no good. However, I was able to get them outta their sticky situation and spread some peace and love doing my first solo debut at this party! I got to sing Aitakatta written by AKB48 and Love Dramatic Masayuki Suzuki!