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Ex-UCAS Military
Leader of a Squad
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.September 19, 2046
Drive Linkhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1S_nl674O9hZ6QxUymFlODl3vpH3utYsJ
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Ex-UCAS Military and leader of a small Squad who got dishonorable discharged.


Try to find out who set him up, get a better lifestyle.


Proud of himself and his abilities, a loyal ally who would risk his own life to safe friends or innocents.

He follows orders as good as he makes them, he is strict to himself and other and expects others to have a similar level of professionalism and skill as himself.

Leader tries to find the safest route to his goal and that none of his team gets wounded, so he always tries to weigh up all possibilities.


He's of normal height but stands out with his military appearance, He looks a bit arrogant but has keen senses and sharp intellect.


Camopatterned armored overall and kneepads. If a Combat situation occurs, he's also wearing a BallisticMask and a Helmet.

In Play

Legwork: Knowledge Skills

He knows Seattle quite a bit, be it on the street or the Political, his knowledge about Security tactics might come in handy.

Through his his military training and his later position as Squad Leader he knows how Small Units fight best and can direct to be more efficient. Check out R&G page 99-102

First Impression

Leader always makes a good first Impression be it military appearance or his way with words.

He tries to settle problems with words if possible but wont hesitate to fight if there's no other possibility.

Mentor Spirit (Wise Warrior)

Leader always had guidance in form of a Mentor Spirit, the Wise Warrior refines ones Leadership skill and weapon proficiency, But doesn't tolerate if you act dishonorably or without courtesy, whether by choice or by accident.

Code of Honor (Children and  innocent bystanders)

Leader is not Immoral even in the heat of combat he wouldn't dare to kill Children or innocent bystanders even if this means possible Witnesses. Check out SR5 Core page 79

Combat Options

As he Is not the best in taking a lot of damage he tries to use cover where he can.

His preferred weapon is his AK-97, with it he survived many battles, he shoots it precise with 18 dice (agi 6, skill 6, enhanced skill 3, specialization, smartlink), if he can't use it he uses his Steyr TMP with 15 dice (agi 6+, skill 6+, enhanced skill 3+) before he even Takes Aim Leader prefers Stick 'n Shock ammunition since most of his enemy's now are ganger and other untrained people. If he faces enemies with a military background he may use APDS ammunition. If someone is able to come close to him he's trained in close combat as well be it unarmed, with blades or with clubs 9 dice each (agi 6, skill 3).

When he feels like shooting isn't the best option he can also Direct or Rally his team with up to 18 dice (cha 5 skill 6 enhanced skill 3, Wise Warrior 2, specialization Direct). If a situation requires even more tactical fine tuning he can use his skill small unit tactics with up to 13 dice in urban areas.

Further Reading

For those who want to delve further, we have an extensive Waspkeeper In Play Example, which explores some mechanics in excruciating detail. It is by no means required reading.


Leader was born to a working class family as a Human in Seattle. His parents died in the events of Crash 2.0, young and without family he went to the army. There they cut off his hair, but it looked alright, they marched and they sang, they all became friends as they learned how to fight. He found his new family in the army, he and his comrades did everything together, the training sure was hard but thanks to his ability to motivate and inspire his teammates they all managed to pass the exams, as he went into service he was quickly promoted as squad leader, his comrades gave him the nickname Leader to mock him. Leader started to enjoy his live again, he had family and a girlfriend. Live seemed good. then the other day he went on a mission on the border of the UCAS the objective wasn't uncommon his squad had to wipe out a critter nests near a city. The mission went well and they only had one more nest ahead, they checked the surroundings and went in for the elimination this nest should have been about 10 wolves some of them awakened but in reality it were a pack of feral barghest, someone had given them wrong information probably one of the scouts or maybe even a higher up. The barghests slaughtered most of his comrades, he was wounded as well but somehow some of them managed to survive. Leader and his other comrades were hospitalized and after they healed up Leader got dishonorable discharged without further reasoning.

Once the Army had abandoned him he got into a downward spiral first he lost his friends, he couldn't find a decent job since all he really learned was fighting so he slowly lost his money and with his money gone he began to give everyone else the fault for his misfortune that ultimately drove his girlfriend away. Leader was miserable and deeply depressed on the verge of suicide the only thing that kept him going was his Mentor Spirit. after three years of being on the bottom of society he made a promise to himself to get back on his feet again and help others who are as mistreated as himself, and to get justice for himself as well. He wanted to help others and find out what led to his dishonorable discharge but for that he first had to get his shit together. Leader did a couple of favors to some people and earned some nuyen so he was able to get a weeks rent. Then one of the persons he helped out sent him the "address" of the shadowhaven.

Narratively Significant Qualities

Code of Honor - Leader is not Immoral even in the heat of combat he wouldn't dare to kill Children or innocent bystanders even if this means possible Witnesses

Thousand-Yard Stare - all the blood he has seen would leave nobody unscathed .

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Mantis MunchiesEdwardShadowHaven Shutdown18 August 2083
You're Gonna Go Far, KidVideo
1 May 2081
A Shadowrun Based on The Hustle by A Night in the BoxDrBurst18 April 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Bulldog Black 2 4 Fixer Semi-retired Security Professional Security, Street Docs, Tenacious Investigating Even
Chuck Person 3 3 Gear Weapon merchant Welcome to Gun Show!, Ammo Nation, More Dakka, BFG Even
Exsang 1 2 Generalist Street Healer Druggie, Little People Folk Even




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Steve Miller Rtg 4

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