A Shadowrun Based on The Hustle by A Night in the Box

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A Shadowrun Based on The Hustle by A Night in the Box
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Factions Involved
BTL Dealer Hound
Casualties and losses
None BTL Dealer


An upstart BTL Producer and Dealer moved too hard on to Finnigan turf. They sent made men to deal with him, but were met with strong resistance. A runner team was hired to clean up this threat. Little did the runners know, the BTL Dealer hired Haven runners of their own. . .

The Meet

The meet took place in an out-of-sight industrial park. The Johnson, Anthony Spina, hit the team with the maximum pay from the get-go and additionally offered the team the purchase from his own cache of weaponry at a large discount of 50%.

The Plan

The initial plan was two-fold; contact the Haven runner team that the BTL Dealer had protecting him and establish terms that would be beneficial for both teams. After finding neutral ground for the upcoming diplomatic meeting (a diner belonging to the Republic of Dave). After which the runners would agree when would be the best time to strike at the BTL Dealer while maintaining letting everyone get paid.

The Run

After meeting with the OpFor in the Republic of Dave it was agreed that once the terms of the other team's contract had ended that the runner team would strike. Soon enough though the runner team got word of the BTL Dealer stiffing the other runner team and making a break for it! A ten versus one firefight ensued outside and the BTL Dealer was soon no more.


The may not have gone according to plan but it was a success. Everybody got paid.


  • nY20,000, or up to equivalent RVP in gear
  • 2 Karma
  • +1 Reputation with Finnigan Family

Game Quotes

  • "We love the squeegee man. He's a treasure." -- Torq!
  • "Damn Good Fries." -- Everyone
  • "What about those Metalinks?" "Yeah, we got those, they come in packs of twenty, d-" "That's exactly how many I want." -- Troika and the Johnson's goon, negotiating on equipment.
  • "He'll think about it for a moment, as the GM thinks about it for the moment." -- DrBurst

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That Kost really has quite the silver tongue on her, managed to get us very decent gear, persuade both runner team and the pilot in siding with us. And that Crypt decker kid... Hats off for finding the Republic of Dave. Damn good fries. This was one of those rare good runs, high payment and removed BTL dealer from the world.


Things really go well when your target messes things up for you. For my first run back in the shadows since my early retirement I gotta hand it to these kiddos, they really know their stuff!


Всем в их магазне за полцены. Бомбы, тоже.

Я пойду туда, снова. ОЧЕНь сколко.


Everything in their store was half-off. Even explosives.

I'm going back there, again. VERY soon.



This was a rapidly changing situation. The more we learned, the worse it got. Did you know this guy, Kent, made personasofts for bunraku parlors?

I have no doubt our original plan would have worked beautifully. I want to thank everyone involved, including our team and Wasp's, for being true professionals. We were able to find a solution that worked out well for everyone. Well, except Kent. Ублюдок.


This went a lot quicker then I expected it to be luckily all of us came out unscathed expect our target. Now I gotta think about If I'm going to be a citizen of the repuplic of Dave perfect 5/7 would eat there again.