Yule Be Sorry

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Yule Be Sorry
LocationSeattle, Snohomish
Factions Involved
Druidic Traditionalist Sect Elisa McKinney Sable
Snake Eye's
Casualties and losses
None None None


Druidic MeFeed star Elisa McKinney has been making bank from demonstrating or exposing her techniques to the public. Her methods have drawn the ire of a traditionalist Druid sect and they want to stop her before she performs a sacred ritual on the Winter Solstice.


The team meets their Johnson at a fancy lounge in Bellevue, an old Druid who tells them of Elisa McKinney and his distaste for her. They are tasked with interrupting her ritual and bringing her in.


Following the meet the runners analyze Elisa's live MeFeed stream and pinpoint her location to a lake in Snohomish. Making their way there, they do some preliminary legwork before coming up with a plan to rush her tent at the ritual event and grabbing her. They begin their attack and engage the guards, but are counter-attacked by a wild plant spirit which was protecting Elisa. A frantic firefight begins Snake Eyes is almost incapacitated and Firebug heavily wounded. Sable and Marion are temporarily feared by the plant, though the guards are knocked out by a preemptive Neurostun grenade tossed by Marion at the start of the fight. Sable regains her wits and downs Elisa's bound fire spirit and the plant spirit allowing the team to grab her and beat a hasty retreat before KE arrives.


Elisa shuts down her MeFeed channel and announces a "voluntary exile" to Tir Taingire to further her knowledge of the Druidic arts.


Player Characters

Snake Eyes

20,000 Nuyen

2 Karma


20,000 Nuyen

2 Karma


20,000 Nuyen

2 Karma

Report: - After having trouble getting to the meet (Ork underground ain't too friendly), hired be a sour-faced druid J for extract some sellout young lady.

- After some snooping around I acquired her exact position since she was streaming her event. Very sloppy on her part, but I guess she was after publicity. Live by the views, die by the views.

- Engaging in astral drek got us some more information I think, I dunno magic stuff.

- Snuck up on the event successfully and jumped the guards, neurostunning the drek out of them, and gunning some spirits down, but not before they cast some fraggin terrify spell on us. Cold.

- Scarpered with the target and turned her over.


20,000 Nuyen

2 Karma