Zeck and Miri Make a Music Trideo

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Zeck and Miri Make a Music Trideo
LocationGeneral Miroto of the Yakuza's House
Factions Involved
Trash Panda
Rambozo The Clown
Units involved
4 Yakuza Goons
3 Yakuza Spiders
General Miroto
General Miroto's House
Casualties and losses
General Miroto's House
one poor sap who just happened to be behind the gate


Zeck and Miri hire some Shadowrunners for a Music Trideo that is a promotion for a new Trideo call "Shadow Sk8ters*


We got a job here for a high profile run that is absolutely bring you into the spotlight. They say they’re making a music video and need some runners to make it look real and pump up the volume! Apply within!

The Meet

Zeck and Miri invite the runners to a set of "Shadow Sk8ters* to offer them the chance to star in a music trideo. They set several conditions for this run; including tagging up a Yakuza General's house, Wearing/using skateboards, bicycles, or skates, causing as much of a commotion as possible, and getting chase scene.

The Plan

Weaken their defenses a bit and just do it!

The Run

The runners hacked the security turrets by the front gate to General Miroto's house then proceeded to start the run. Tanuki rammed the gate with Rambozo riding behind the car on the skateboard, killing a poor sap who happened to be guarding the gate. Immediately Rambozo molotov's the house and Trash panda and Rambozo start tagging up the house as Stormcrow plays havoc on the opfor. Gh0st get's into a conflict with the Yakuza spiders keeping them from fixing the turrets and ordering them to fire on the runners. Tanuki starts marking up the general's yard while the fighting ensues. Absoultely, angry about the random attack General Miroto steps out of this house and tries to dispel the vandalism. Trash panda encases him in a Mana barrier. In response, the general pulls out his machine pistol and shoots TP. Rambozo, not quite caring that he was getting shot at paint grenades the house and shoots an incendiary rocket at the house causing the spiders to jack out so they can save themselves. Trash panda disarms the general and stops his communications from bringing in the HTR unit. Once the tags are done Tanuki swings by picks up the runners and books it out of the place. He waits for the HTR to show up and completely clowns them for the chase scene.


General Miroto is ordered to commit seppuku or find the runners who dishonored him and bring them in alive within a month, and his house goes up in flames leaving him without a home. Zeck and Miri's music trideo goes off without a hitch topping charts for the song and giving ample publicity to their movie "Shadow Sk8ters." The matrix and gossip is abuzz about the runners who starred in the music trid.


  • ¥20,000
  • 4 karma
  • Fame Quality (Except for Trash panda)
  • -2 Rep with Yakuza (Shotozumi-rengo)
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Probably the most fun I've had in a bit even if that spider didn't appreciate me touching his stuff, only down side is I do NOT have a good side on television.