"What do you mean it's just a dog?"

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"What do you mean it's just a dog?"
LocationSeattle, Tenochtitlan, Paris
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
A bunch of animal traffickers
A group of magical mooks


The team receive a job notice, originating from Tenochtitlan. They're to escort a dog from Tenochtitlan to Paris. Turns out that they were bait in a sting operation by the Parisians.


An Azlanti socialite, Paola Nochtli, missing her Techichi while visiting Paris, decides to get him to Paris. With her going through the official channels, the Parisian government decide to approve it and use it as a sting operation for animal traffickers.

The Meet

The meet was virtual, through messaging. The team are duly informed of the parameters of the job, but not the reasons.

The Plan

The team decide to get some fake SINs with the advance pay from the Ms. Johnson.

The Run

Most of the team didn't get pass airport security with their fake SINs. With some quick thinking from Ca1yps0, Skimmer and Fidem were cleared, but Oathbane wasn't. With some quick DNI coaching from Fidem, Oathbane managed to convince airport security to expedite her issues with her SIN. The flight to Tenochtitlan was uneventful. BTLs were shared. When the team arrives in Tenochtitlan International Airport, without issue, they find the J waiting for them. Getting into a Mitsubishi Nightsky, they detour to pick up Skimmer's guns sent beforehand. Once at Paola's mansion, they lounge around for a bit before getting the Techichi, Alma. They then return to Tenochtitlan International Airport, boarding a private jet to get to Paris.

Once in Paris, the team gets into another limo. On the way to Paola's hotel, they get ambushed by a bunch of average aspected magicians. The team manage to deal with and scare off the attackers. The J tells the driver to continue to the hotel.


Once at the hotel, the team is greeted by Paola and a city representative. The rep explains that the city has been looking to deal that group of animal traffickers, and made use of the opportunity provided by Paola to perform a sting operation. The representative then explains that the city will look the other way in regards of any crimes and misdemeanors committed by the team during this job.


12k nuyen in money

2 karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Terrible experience heading into the airport, but fortunately it all worked itself out. Got to the J without incident, and managed to make the trip to Paris as well. Met a few poachers with a plan, which we quickly dissuaded them of through superior fire power and a massive sword. Overall, things went quite well; and I got to enjoy some time with a couple of trid sensations in the clubs of Paris. Good times.


I picked up Ca1yps0 and Oathbane on the way to the airport, and we seemed to be immediately flagged for flying Fake SINs. Oathbane was the one pulled into the interrogation, but luckily we were able to stay in contact of DNI and I could help coach her through lying to airport security. It was tense for awhile, but luckily we were able to get on the plane and head to Tenochtitlan to meet up with our employer. It has been a good deal of time since I flew on a private jet, but it is certainly something I can get used to.

After landing in Tenochtitlan we were picked up by the Johnson and brought to the mansion of our true client. According to the Johnson we were to protect a dog whose breed had been brought back from Aztlan's past. She was going on a vacation to Paris and wanted to take the dog, but apparently Paris has an issue with smuggling recently. That seems reasonable, and so we accept the job and get back onto another jet to take us to Paris.

Once we're there, we're loaded into a car and begin the journey to our employer with the dog. As we pull into an alley, two vans block our path and these smugglers come out to attempt to kidnap the dog. Skimmer takes care of most of the threats, though I manage to incapacitate a foe or two with my blade. Though the very injured one I take a moment to give a dose from my Savior Medkit in order to save his life before Oathbane and Ca1 manage to get the vans out of the way and we can make our way to the job.

It turns out that the employer was working with Paris authorities in order to smoke out the smugglers and deal with them. Apparently we were able to work as good bait. Thus we were able to be paid and go back to UCAS after a short vacation. A strange job, but not unpleasant. Though Ca1yps0 may have somewhat of a negative effect on my behavior as it should be according to my teachings. It was fun though.


Man, there's jobs and then there's jobs and this one was a job - right from the start, getting picked up by Fidam in her Bently with the dashboard full of coke, I knew it'd be a good time. I recognized her from her work with Horizon - not to mention her BTL content - and I can only hope she didn't recognize me in return. Can't say I expected the nun's habit, but she has that dryad charm and made the look work for her, to the point where I wasn't sure if it was part of some act, but she seems to have really found Jesus or whatever so good for her - at least she still knows how to party, and looks cool swinging a sword around.

Things got a bit hairy at the airport going through customs, but I got most of the team through with a little trick on the SIN scanners and Oathbane, the clever girl, talked her way through. I could tell she was from Aztlan and anxious about going back, but she managed to keep herself composed while there; I'm guessing her recent deep dive helped a lot with her confidence. That Skimmer guy was a real pro, and seemed to get along well with Fidem, even preying together with battle hymns. Wish I could share their enthusiasm, but that stuff really doesn't appeal to me since what happened when I was a kid...

Still, the trip itself was great, we got to hang out at the rich J's mansion and see some cool sites, and I even got to pet a cute dog that turned out to be our real principal. Tenochtitlan was pretty neat despite its reputation, though all the pollution wasn't to my taste - it didn't have anything on Paris though. Despite that city being run by an AI overlord with Horizon owning half the cultural sites it was still a wonder to behold; people there really dig the whole transhumanist scene, and I had a great time partying at Dante's after we dealt with the gangers who some poachers had hired to try to snatch the dog. All in all a great time, hopefully I can get more work like this in the future - even got myself some custom-made outfits and a whole bunch of content for the fans!

Oathbane: You know at first I was a bit antsy anticipating I thought I was able to get past those scanners without having to use another means but my sin was detected and with a bit of coaching from Fidem and some creative words I was able to slip past without being caught, such a relief honestly I was a bit scared at the time. That’s what it’s being a runner, I sometimes feel like I’m over my head and trying to prove myself against things I don’t have control over

Landing back in Aztlan, I'm not gonna lie I am from there. I won't go over details about it I'd rather keep this torch private and personal relationships because I don't want to discuss it openly .the place is still as polluted as a remember and being there I felt my skin beginning to itch and my body was already starting to symbiose like it was trying to connect back to a place it belongs the very soil where it came from. It was quite surprising to hear that the principle we were meant to protect turns out to be such an adorable little dog .he was so cute and precious *Zoning out and info dump about the dog*.

I couldn't believe I allowed them to talk me into this and I regret what I did but it was also the sort of trying a BTL for the first time…it’s hard to explain what happened and the feeling, I sort of soon out and passed out. Moving onto the next leg of the job, it was alright till that jammer went up and we got hit by mages, lucky we dealt with the jammer and I got enough marks on the van in front to move it forward, but when an all-seeing AI controls much of the city…thankful it was a sting, and we were used as a bite to bring those who attack us in the open. Not going to lie I enjoyed the trip