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Street Cred8
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
Metatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information


'A' is a small, timid, mousy girl of Japanese descent.

Intelligent and quick-witted, she nonetheless holds her tongue unless bidden to speak.




Born and raised in Neo-Tokyo, Mae’s early life was nothing special.

Until the age of 5.

Mae Awakened early by most standards, far before reaching puberty. She doesn't speak about the incident much, but it happened around the time of the Matrix Crash 2.0. Perhaps during the subsequent panic. During this incident, her older brother, Ryouichi, died and young Mae disappeared, whisked away to the basement of some Mega Corp to be poked and prodded to find out what made her Awaken so much earlier than others.

During her years of incarceration, treatment by the Corp men differed. Some days it was nice and she was pampered and fed well and treated like royalty. Other times… well, torture would have been preferred. It was sometime during these years that she developed her second personality, one that called himself “Shirudo”, a Japanese term for Shield. He Shielded the innocent Mae from the abuse she suffered at the hands of the Corp, leaving her with only pampered and protected memories.

However, Shirudo, was not content to sit and quietly take the abuse, he raged and fought tooth and nail every step of the way. Becoming an angry, over-protective persona.

A second persona was developed during this time as well. Though few realized it at the time. She calls herself Mae, same as the original, but she is more childish. Childish in anger and vindictive and *cruel*. Child-Mae is not content to just sit in silence. When she comes to the fore... it's best to take three steps away. At the very least.

Years later (due to memory shenanigans from unremembered memories, 'A' is not certain how long. Much of her life until now is... muddied) a Runner team, sent in to do/steal who-knows-what, stumbled across her and rescued her. Perhaps out of some sort of kindness towards a half-starved child; perhaps hoping for a larger payday. Due to the treatment she received at the time (not necessarily cruel, but there was no soft hand of comfort), or perhaps due to other, personal, reasons, Mae does not remember much, only that she was handed off to a man she would come to know as "Kojima."

During the time spent with Kojima, Shirudo was mostly repressed. He came to surface only a handful of times in the next few years, though the first time, a year after their rescue, was particularly violent and nearly ended with the deaths of both Kojima and Mae.

Kojima taught Mae how to make use of her magic (neither Shirudo nor Mae needed much teaching), though she never came to like it or trust it fully. Kojima paid to put her through schooling through the Matrix; this she excelled at, passing classes with ease and within a year she had passed all college courses of interest to her. For years, Kojima tried his best at getting the girl more invested in her magic, or SOMETHING outside of her books and studying.

Nothing worked.

Finally, fed up, Kojima gave her a challenge. Survive, on her own, for one year. If, at the end of the year she wished it, she could return. Of course, should she need help, he would be more than willing to lend a hand, but she would go where he chose. And he chose Seattle.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Blandness
  • Combat Paralysis
  • Blind (w/ Astral Sight)
  • Flashbacks 1 (Unconstrained Fire)
  • Incomplete Deprogramming
  • Insomnia 1

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Smother The FlamesSCKoNi16 March 2079
MindhunterSCKoNi8 December 2078
Faulty HonorRidlez7 December 2078
Last One Out Hit The Lights Part 2Kanehorus25 November 2078
NightcrawlerSCKoNi26 August 2078


+3 Rep: Aztechnology


  • Jackson - Connection 6, Loyalty 1. Fixer
  • Hideo Masamune - Connection 6, Loyalty 1. Talismonger
  • Providence - Connection 3, Loyalty 4. Blogger/'Trix Savant
  • Septu - Connection 4, Loyalty 2. Safehouse Master




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Standing under one and a half meters tall, "A" is on the short side for a human.

Her skin is pale and unmarred by lines or any sign of scars or time, and though it is hard to get a sense of her exact age, it's fairly obvious she is young; she looks no older than sixteen or seventeen.

Her straight black hair hangs down to her shoulders, typically left loose and unstyled. Her eyes are so dark to be nearly black and slanted to point at an obviously Japanese descent.


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